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I am disappointed... this one was lacking in depth. Yes it had cute lines, yes Taylor was hot but we cant give the director a thumbs up when he didn’t even come up with the story!
Did they change the director and crew again or what because the style was completely different...
The color was off too.

okay, okay, i’m sorry I sound like a food critic from the 90’s...

This movie was ... okay... i will give it 3 stars.... soz!!!!

Oh and i love you TAYLOR!!!!! ( that was from every girl i know )

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Jacob Black Psychoanalyzed

Jacob Black Psychoanalized

Love me or DIE Bella! You choose >,,<


Most of us, (The Twilight freaks) have heard of the amazing Jacob Black, well... These are the notes of Chanya Pepperainian the famous and amazing shrink. (AKA moi)

As a young boy Jacob knew Bella Swan and thought of her as a childhood crush.
But when she returns years later he finds he has a greater attraction to her then he thought.

Not wanting to be pushy he tries to let her choose if she wants to see him.
But When Bella meets Edward she forgets about her childhood playmate and moves on to more adult content like blood and guts.

The months go by and Jacob gets on with his life hoping his infatuation would give him more notice.

As Jacob knew would happen the blood sucking villain abandons Bella, leaving but a corpse, a shadow of the girl who once was. In her need of love she searches for a friend, a companion someone to save her from herself...

When she turns to Jacob he is only to happy to help.
He falls in love with her, but she can’t move on... Not yet. Suddenly Jacob is swept away by the legends of his tribe and becomes... a werewolf!
He can’t be with Bella for fear he would hurt her but in trying to save her he hurts her even more.

Finally Bella breaks and goes on a rampage to get ‘Her Jake’ back. And in this she finds what he truly is... Being Bella she is naturally attracted to the more wilder man.
She stays by his side...

Until one sad day she finds the Cullen car and leaves Jacob in the mist... Jacob is tortured by his love for Bella and his hate for the ‘blood suckers’.

For a long time Jacob finds it very hard

He waits like a puppy for his master to return but the savage cow is only interested in looks and money. Neither of which Taylor- I mean Jake has...

To be continued...