The Importance of an Education


An Education
In the world today it is foolish to think you can get by without an education.
So few people in the scheme of things have gotten through without a very good education… e.g. Madonna, Eminem, -- singers mostly – David Pinkus, (no education in the subject he works in. etc. etc. but that’s not what I’m here to talk about).
The beauties of an education are so great that it is so worth it to work hard for a few years. And achieve the best that is your potential.
There are so many cool subjects you can study.
Drama- why not be a writer, actor or director?
English—A teacher, writer or poet
Science—A marine biologist, volcanic genius or mad scientist
Maths—Engineer, mathematicion, or theroligist
Music—composer, music tutor, or stand up singer

None of these?—You will possibly be able to work at… a fast food place, Toys R Us, and gas stations. WOW!
It might seem harsh but this is your future without an education
Do you really think that your future employers will have the imagination and insight to see what a truly amazing person you are in a five minute interview? … NO!!!! they will only see your diplomas and see if your qualifications are up to ‘their’ standards.
Besides learning is… FUN!!!! I love school, I love 98% of my teachers, I love learning!
And just there I have won half of the battle!
If you are in a public school you aren’t competing against you classmates… you’re competing against all the other schools in the world. Including private schools.
If your in private schools you’re competing against all the people in public schools, who I so kindly instructed to compete against you just now.
I might sound a little military but do you really think if you are a smart, talented, creative person with B-‘s and you go to get a job were the other person applying is daft but has A grades, you will get the job? No! They will treat you like machines. Whoever has more up to date software will be the lucky one.

The thing to remember is that it is about pursuing your interests so that you can get a job that is something that you will have fun doing. Something that you will like and be good at.
Set yourself a goal. E.g. I want to be an actor, I want to go to Oxford, I want to write a book before I’m 16 and more. Then you have to find out what you need to do to get to go where you want to go and work your way towards your goal. Remember this is YOUR goal. It isn’t about your teachers or your parents or your friends. It is all about YOU. It goes something like this: I will write 1000 words a day till I finish this book. Or I will get A+ in English, Drama, and Latin to become an actor… and I will take singing lessons after school to as one of my after school activities. Everything you do in life is an opportunity to learn. Every time I hear of something interesting i research it on the internet and at the library and in my mums books. I ask questions. I am curious. This is what I think an education is all about. Being excited to learn.
And more!

So what’s my goal? COME ON!!!! You know!!!!!! I am going to be a film director and write books and have the best blog on the planet xDDDDD Do you believe me? Answer correctly or die o.e

p.s I plan to make this into a video blog soon. So more to come..lotsa love - Chanya Pepper ^~^