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The Beanfield

Hello, I went down to Exeter in Devon for the weekend with my guardian and saw a play.

This was called Beanfield.

The story is based on an event that happened 25 years ago on 1st June when a convoy devoted to peace made their way along with hundreds to Stonehenge.
This story stars Steamer, a journey man who is traveling to Stonehenge with his upperclass girlfriend.
During their journey they meet a young girl who is walking home after a fight with her boyfriend.
Together they team up and decide to journey to The Henge together.

As they go along they have a few encounters with the police none of them so pleasant.
But just before they get to the henge they are herded into a bean field were they are attacked by the police.

Hundreds were arrested for looking just that little bit messy on the road.

People were beaten very nearly to death and they pulled children down the stairs
of their caravans by their hair.

This is defiantly a sad example of police brutality and not something we can be proud of.

If this play was given a rating out of five and five was a broadway hit, i’ll give it 6.
They didn’t have much of a budget (less than £100) to work with, but they did a splendid job with what they had.

Words cannot capture what they expressed and what actually happened...

They captured the traveling feeling very well I thought...
But I think some of the acting was over dramatized a bit...

Here are some photos I managed to get off the internet...


Written By: Shaun McCarthy

Directed By: David Lockwood

Designed By: Philip wyatt


Eli Thorne

Ben Crispin

Georgie Rennolds

Ben Simpson

Katie Villa













Makes you think huh?

I recommend it a lot!