Scorriton Flower Show

Scorriton Flower Show

Hey everyone, I just wanted to tell you about my trip to Scorriton Flower Show 2010-- Sorry I haven’t blogged sooner
I’ve been VERY busy-- like a bee xD
The Scorriton Flower Show was in August and is an old fashioned event that reminds me of Babe (the movie).
There is a mix of games, competitions, ice cream, food and music. I went there with a friend because my guardian had work to do.
We got the time wrong so had 1 hour to grab lunch at a local pub.
We got chips which was nice and some really bad hot chocolate though it was very hot out.

I had fun and tried many of the games-- not the egg tossing though xD


Here’s some of the fairy cakes <3

We had to go at 4:00 which was really sad because I had to miss the reason I came
-- the hay bailing contest T.T -- Im over it now... I think

Out of 5 I will give it 4, it was nicely put together and I had fun!


TTYL luv ya