Why? Why? - A Poem by Chanya Pepper

By Chanya Pepper

Clink! Clink!
Sounds the chain
That binds us down
To the power of our leaders.

Stomp! Stomp!
Pounds the foot
That makes the bread
For the wealthy.

Cry! Cry!
Goes the baby
Wanting it’s father
Who died in the army.

Move! Move!
Cries the soldier
Who will never see his wife again.

Goes the church
Taking more than its worth.

Why? Why?
Says I
Do they ignore the people?
And their feelings?

Sad! Sad!
Says mother earth to herself
As the sun goes down.

10 Wishes - A Poem by Chanya Pepper

By Chanya Pepper

If I could have 10 wishes
I would wish for
No poverty
No sickness
No slave labour
No pollution
No hunger
No thirst
No work
No evil
No sadness
No revenge
See what a good boy I am?

The next day the boy finds a Genie
“You have 10 wishes! Use them well”, the Genie said.
I wish for
A motorbike
That spider man action figure
An X-box
A movie theatre in my room
1,000,000 sweets
X-ray glasses
A Darth Vader sword
A remote controlled airplane
A new pair of roller skates!

“So let it be”, says the Genie.

And the boy got those things and grew out of them
And went bankrupt. Now the boy is old and you can see him,
walking on the streets, begging for money.