Plymouth festival

Port Elliot Festival - Plymouth


Hello everyone,

I just thought I would tell you about my trip to a festival in
Plymouth Devon UK I went to today.
umm well...

The Port Elliot Festival involves lots of things arts and crafts, eco friendly tributes, food and music! It is held at a gorgeous location in the gardens of an estate. The feeling was very beautiful and festive and there was lots to do. Here was my day...

first: I got up at 7:00 and had a shower then got dressed and ate some cheerios.
Second: Then we left at 9:00 and got at the train station at 9:15 and met up with annie and lily.
Third: Got on train at 9:30 then fell asleep for much of the journey.
Fourth: Jumped out of the train at 10:15 and went to the ticket office.
Fifth: Waited for 15 minutes as Annie went call of duty and disappeared into the horizon on a
dirt bike that looked more like a tank then anything.
Sixth: Met a Poet who was really nice.
Seventh: strolled around the festival until ten to 12.
Eighth: Got a very small pizza for £6 (Och!!!)
Ninth: watched a few shows and trapped a wasp under a coffee cup because it was attacking us!
Tenth: Got ice cream and went to see our Poet perform Tea, Cat, and Mermaid.
Eleventh: went to see a fashion workshop and made some butterflies and gave my card to a famous fashion designer.
Twelfth: Went and filmed Lily’s Performance.

filming Lily’s performance ^~^

Thirteenth: Waited a little while and watched Fireflies (a rock band) sing.
Fourteenth: Went to the train station.
Fifteenth: Got on a train and laughed at the conductor.
Sixteenth: got off that train and onto another.
Seventeenth: Got off train
Eighteenth: Said our goodbyes.

I had sooooo much fun!


All in all I thought the event was well organized and in a good place.
But I must say the prices for food was outrageous!!!!!!!!!
They supplied good activities for all ages and had nice people to help in any case of emergency.
But I do wonder why the prices were so expensive for tickets...
>.<<br />
For this event I will give it a 4 star!

lots of fun!

Good work and please go next year!!!