mia farrow

Mia Farrow

Mia Farrow

A Diva of the 20th Century

Mia was born February 9th 1945, her father was John Farrow and her mother was Maureen O’Sulivan. She had 6 brothers and sisters which made all of them quite the big family.
Most of her childhood she was in Beverly Hills (California) but made her film debut in 1947 with her mother... It was a film about famous mothers and their (adorable) children.
She tried to be Liesl in the sound of music but didn’t get the role... she ended up getting supporting roles in a few 1960’s films...
Her career really hit it off when she landed a part in Peyton Place as a naive, waif like Alison MacKenszie. She later abandoned the role because of the ‘urging’ of her first husband
Frank Sinatra,
She got her first starring role in
Rosemary’s baby. This role got many awards including ‘New star of the year’- actress...


After Rosemary’s Baby she was cast to Mattie in
True Grit, After that she exploded in the film world and was the lead in many of the classics of today.


Mia became a huge supporter of activism with UNICEF (my fav charity) and worked with her son
Ronan Farrow supporting and bringing awareness to the masses of this big and bold matter...


Even today Mia works with UNICEF to promote this honorable charity and to help children all over the world <3


Here are some of Mia Farrow’s films:

Rosemary’s Baby
See No Evil
The Great Gatsby
Death on the Nile
The Last Unicorn
The Purple Rose of Cairo
Hannah and Her Sisters
Crimes and Misdemeanors
Forget Me Never

Mia Farrow has made a lot more films than this, and good ones too, but this is a start....