Killerton House

'The Tempest' at Killerton House

Hello all,

I thought I would tell you a little about my trip to Killerton House to see William Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’.

First I would like to apologize for taking so long to write a review about the Tempest.... (I’m in the process of moving and haven’t been able to publish on the internet!)


The Tempest was presented by The Lord Chamberlain’s Men, an all male open air theatre company that tries to stay in the spirit of what Shakespeare was doing when these plays were first performed. They set up the stage in the gardens at Killerton House in Devon, which is a glorious venue for a Shakespearian play. Shakespeare has be my favourite for a long time. I have all of his plays and love to read them. I was Caliban in a school play of the Tempest and am really in love with this play but must say that it is hard to choose because so many of Shakespeare’s plays are amaizing.

Well, I have seen a few productions of The Tempest (mostly online since there wasn’t a lot of that where I was living) and I must say this was my favourite!!! I found I understood everyone of the characters and what they wanted throughout the tale of woe xD
I was excited and it created a definite energy I could feel throughout the story.
The costumes were... BRILLIANT!!!!! very well thought out and colorful.
The acting was great. Each actor showed a definite understanding of their lines -- what hard lines they were!
Ariel was crazy and... well I cant think of anything that rhymes with crazy except lazy and lazy was defiantly not what he was. I felt he was original and interesting with a mesh of sweetness and passion. The small amount of dancing he did was superb and really set the mood of a spirit.
Caliban - Kristian Philips - was very well done... I couldn’t help loving him and feeling sorry for him at the same time. And I must say the actor made him the perfect amount stupid so he wasn’t under or over-acted...
I loved Miranda! - William Vasey - she was cute and captured her girlie elegance. It must have been hard for a man to pull off a woman’s role in the modern day world as women are so much better then men (Only kidding-- I’m not that sexist xD I have the tiny feeling I’m going to be the only one laughing at my joke lol)
Prospero was as original as he could be playing the almighty father -- a role that doesn’t leave much room in the realm of being original... I thought he was very well done all the same.
Ferdinand was lovely as he should be, as always sweet as he falls for Miranda in their happy love story... <3 I always love Ferdinand and Miranda as the two opposite of male and female that come together as yin and yang -- very sweet ^~^
I loved Trinculo he was very funny as the drunk jester. He has some of my favorite dialogue in The Tempest and was a joy to watch.

FIVE STAR -- Elizabeth the 1st

L Joke shes waaaaayyy dead duh (sorry bad humor)

Thanks for the wonderful evening guys--

Here is some info on the STARS of the show...

All of the actors were so talented. They were...

William Vasey - Miranda/Antonio

William Reay - Stephano/Gonzalo

Kristian Philips - Caliban

Mat Bannister - Prospero

Shaun McKee - Ferdinand/Sebastian

Craig Gordon - Ariel

Paul Hassall Alonso/Trinculo

Director - Andrew Normingon (he did a GREAT job of bringing the Tempest to life)

Musical Director - Jonathan Yesten Thomas (he was responsible for some songs and music that were performed brilliantly - the music really added something special to the production)

Movement - Darren Royston (The movement was great. There were dances as well)

Costume Design - Polly Laurence (I thought this was particularly well done... just the right amount of less than new so that it felt like we really were watching a play in Elizabethan times ^~^)

Creative Producer - Mark Puddle (I think that mark must be

I will definitely see The Lord Chamberlain’s Men in another production if I get the chance <3

That green one is the middle is me playing Caliban in my school play in Primary School a while

Elegance Exhibition - Killerton House, Devon


Today I went to a costume museum exhibition. It was hosted by the
National Trust at Killerton House in Devon, and was called ‘Elegance’. It was great fun. I learned many new and interesting facts. And got to try on some 150 year old underwear…


Did you know pregnant women about 150 years ago had to wear corsets? And when they got too big to wear one they were put into confinement.

Did you know that in the 20's it was popular to have the figure of a man? If you had curves you would get things rather like bandages to tie your breasts down?

I met a very nice lady called
Shelley Tobin and I talked to for at least an hour. She is a curator at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, and was very helpful. She is obviously very passionate about her job and it was nice to talk with a person with such shared interests.

I am very happy that I went and have many souvenirs to show for it, including pictures of me in corsets and an under dress (pics coming soon).

Now I'm going to go through a few things I learned with you:


This is a stay busk.

It helped to make the breasts stay in place. It was a popular gift a man would give his female lover as a token of love. If he did that he would often have carved it himself. These days I think a girls parents might be a little anxious if a boy made her something to keep her breasts in place.

My theory is that one of the reasons women wore bustles is it made them less self conscious about how fat their bum's were, just my opinion.  


They also made people look bigger boned which was the fashion. Because if you were fat you had food to spare.


To make the bustle look bigger they used hip pads.

The corset crushes the diaphragm, liver, kidneys and bladder making it so girls had to nip to the loo quite a lot. Since children from a young age wore corsets its believed it stopped people from growing properly.


Also because it squished the body so much it altered how the body functions and made for a shorter life. If you wear a corset for a number of years it starts to twist the spine and make the bones easier to break.


Note: if you wear a corset long enough you start to get thinner even without wearing one.

My review on corsets:

All in all, I think corsets are works of art, though they were made to imprison women and shorten their life span. I am glad the world is finished with hardcore corset wear. And I hope it never comes back. But I respect the love of pretty underwear, which I share and can see why people think corsets are so amazing.

If you are near Killerton please go, its so much fun!

I enjoyed it and I think you would too.