I just saw INCEPTION last night 20th of July and decided to tell you about my amazing experience!!!

I went to Vue cinema


This film was superb! Very well done and very original. I loved it because they didn’t just launch into the major plot they took their time. It had an amazing performance from Leonardo Dicapreo (nearly faints)

They should have had more time to do the movie so that they could do more character development though...

I will give it 4 and three quarters on the star front... oh and I love you Leo!!!!!!

What is it about? Well, I will tell you. Dom Cobb is a secret agent specialized in stealing information and secrets from peoples minds while they are unconscious. He is the best of his kind and at the same time one of a kind, but this makes him a fugitive from his country and all he ever knew...
But one day Cobb is offered a job, a job that if he does successfully will win his ticket home and back into the arms of his family... In this job instead of taking secrets he must implant them. Making this the hardest game he ever played. But no amount of practice and training can prepare the team for the
mysterious enemy who knows them all too well... that only Cobb understands...

Personal Note: Hello person from Vue Cinema! I just wanted to tell you that cinema room no. 2 is like a sauna but not in a good way! Please fix it!!!!!!!