Grown ups

Grown Ups


Chanya Peppers Review of ‘Grown Ups’ 2010

Adam Sandler is famous for stand up comedy and great lines -- I love him for that! and he is really one of my favorite comedians
of all time, if not my favorite! I thought the concept was sweet, there were great characters and an array of different kinds of relationships.
It was very entertaining and defiantly not a waste of an evening!
On the other hand I had a few criticisms... There wasn’t that much of a story, more just a list of spectacular jokes. -- Thats about all... Oh and one more thing. I thought the pool
scene went on for too long... <3

Now. -- Drum role please!


I give Grown Ups...



YAY ~ whooo hoo ~ WoW ~ Pow... ^~^

Drains and Firemen

Hello all,
I thought I would tell you about my trip to the cinema the other day...
We went to see Grown Ups and we were 1 hour off and had to wait for 1 hour xD
Well, to the point, we were all sitting, enjoying stale popcorn, when we saw smoke.
It was black smoke and quite unnerving.
We quickly looked at each other then looked back to see a woman run into the smoke.
Then she ran out and into the cinema. “FIRE FIRE!!!” She yelled into her phone.
I quickly got up and ran outside to investigate and found it was the smallest fire I had ever seen.
It was in a street drain... It seemed some people had decided to play a naughty trick on us all with old newspapers and a match.
Not soon after this the management came out to look at it and poured a bucket of water on it to put it out.

Just then a huge fire truck came wheeling round the corner to find it had been called out for no reason
-- sorry guys, no saving needed today Winking... and that was my adventure xD

the truck

the drain

the truck leaving