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Metal by Chanya Pepper


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Urgent message for people who drink and drive written by me

Here is my recording from Voice Recorder for iPad. Check it out!

Heart of Everything by Chanya Pepper (age 5)

Part of everything
Heart of everything
of everyone, everywhere
In the hearts
deep inside
there is a person
Deep inside
there is a person
sitting down there
and it is me
Deep inside my heart
there is everyone
Inside their hearts
nobody is afraid of the dark
there is the favorite
of everyone

Chanya Pepper (@Age 5)

This is a poem that I wrote when I was five. I didn’t write back then so I dictated it to my mum
and got it published in the Camden Herald <3

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope you are having a GREAT one ^~^

Woof Woof Finally Finished!

Its done! and ready to be shown to all my loverly visitors and fans!

Comment your thoughts and you could win a rainbow magic unicorn (NOT)

My First Film is Nearly DONE!!!

Merely two weeks away from completing my first film.

Check back at the end of June!


Holiday Photos Coming Soon


‘Walking to the Beach’

I just got back from my holiday in Branscombe, Devon. Great Beach!


More photos from my half term holiday coming soon!