Big Ben London

Happy New Year 2011

Amazing fireworks - Up there with Bangkok 2007 ^~^ (wish i’d been there lol)

Chanya Pepper Goes to London

Hi everyone,

Me with my dog looking at the river

Me and my mum went to London for a business meeting but when we got there at midday we got told the meeting was cancelled. ;(

Me and my mum :P

Cool pic of The London Eye and Big Ben

So we decided to wander around the streets of London since we were there.

One of me with The London Eye in the background

Pretty artwork

More artwork

Statue Mimes/ living statues

Charlie Chaplin mime and silver guy mime

We walked along to the river then saw ‘The London Eye.’ (the Ferris wheel)

Good view from the Bridge

We decided to walk across the bridge to have a better look. When we got there we couldn’t resist going on it and when we got the tickets we found out we got a short 4D movie with it and ended up watching that.
It was very beautiful and there were real bubbles, mist and snow mixed with the animated ones so you couldn’t tell what was real and what wasn’t.
I must say it was very nice.

For the 4D crazies out there

Here we are in the capsule

Me looking out of the capsule

Me making a funny face

After that we went to wait in the line. And were very confused about the fact that the security guard checked only two of our three bags...

Here’s some info.

The London Eye is the worlds tallest observation wheel. And you can see around you 25 miles panoramic view around London.

It takes 30 minutes to go around the whole wheel.

A photo of your capsule will be taken of you near the end of your decent of the wheel. -- £12 for two photos and £10 for one. (Not worth it)


The London Eye was made by a
husband and wife team to celebrate the millennium.

Height: 443ft
Weight: 2,100 tonnes
Speed: 0.26 m/s
Time to revolve: 30 minutes
Number of Capsules: 32
Passengers per capsule: 25
viewing distance: 40 km

Thats me videoing the area from my laptop

Cool view of the following capsule

Me again!!!