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Hello all,

Lately I’ve been feeling very rebellious as a teenager should, and when combined with my longstanding passion for children’s rights, found myself looking up organizations that champion Children. The favourite that I came up with is UNICEF’s website. After reading just a few pages, I was overcome with an urge to blog about it.

All my life I have been very pro children’s rights, and many other things rights (women’s rights, animal rights, I can go on) But still being classified as a child (though I have the same maturity level of the average adult lol), I saw one thing to do...

Yep you heard me. I am now going to do my best to start up my online business and give all the proceeds to UNICEF -- I really don’t need the money. I have been planning my online business for quite some time. The only thing stopping me is ‘start up capital’, but Christmas is coming business will soon be launched!!!

If you will be buying from my website, and therefore supporting UNICEF, I might as well tell you what it actually is...

UNICEF is the worlds leading organization focusing on children and child’s rights (I thought that that was such a good beginning line I stole it from the website.) UNICEF believes children should have good rights and not be treated like extra baggage.

Some of the children’s rights that UNICEF promotes are:

The rights for children to eat healthy nutritious food and clean drinking water
Gender Equality
The right for all children to get an good education
Child protection from violence, exploitation and abuse
Help to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS among children
Prevention of preventable diseases among children and access to Health Care
Good sanitation for children everywhere

In 2008 UNICEF raised £42.9 million for working with children all around the planet, including industrial countries where people forget how children are suffering right under our own noses.

UNICEF works all over the world to protect and promote the rights of children.

Here’s the link to their website...


I will be regularly posting about this subject from now on...

But now I must say good bye

Lots of love to my dearest fans out there <3

Trip To London

Hello all,

Last April I went to London for the day. I thought I might as well blog about it.
My Guardian had loads of work to do so it wasn’t too fun.

First: We got up at 6:00 in the morning
Second: We left at 7:00
Third: We got on the train.
Fourth: Spent 2 hours on the train
Fifth: Got off the train
Sixth: Went to Guardian’s work
Seventh: Fell asleep on random 50’s staircase
Eighth: Stayed there for 5 hours
Ninth: Woke up
Tenth: Freaked because I fell asleep on a random staircase for an hour oh I mean 5 hours he
Eleventh: Left work
Twelfth: Went shopping
Thirteenth: Took pictures
Fourteenth: Cried because SRK wasn’t at Madame Tussaud’s
Fifteenth: Got over it
Sixteenth: Went back to train station
Seventeenth: Got 12 donuts
Eighteenth: Ate donuts
Ninetieths: Cried because I didn’t see any celebrities.
Twentieth: Got over it
Twenty-first: Took pictures
Twenty-second: Nearly missed train
Twenty-third: Got on train
Twenty-fourth: Sat on train for two hours
Twenty-fifth: got off train
Twenty-sixth: Got in taxi
Twenty-seventh: Got home
Twenty-eighth: Went to bed

Wasn’t my day great?

Anyway heres some picz!


Me in taxi


I’m too smexi for my shirt, too smexi for my shirt, to smexi it hurts!!!!! OWWWWWW
(Notice how I changed it from sexy to smexi i’m so smart owo)


Caught with my hand in the donut ummm whats the word?, thats right...BOX! xD


Me at Paddington station with Paddington the Bear!!!!! ha ha xx (someday you will go there and lick the spot I sat on)


Yummy Coffee (Just so you know that was my Guardian’s coffee, I was stuck with hot cocoa)

Mummy? I want this one!

These are my favourite dolls in the WORLD!!!

They are completely unique and artistic. Each one is a masterpiece... Really worth getting (hint hint mum)
By the way I like the Lily doll <3

Heres a little taste!









Your Diet and the Enviroment

We all get upset we see a car accident, or someone who is injured. We feel terrible when we see a dog or cat suffering, which I can fully relate to. So why would someone make fun of a vegitarian for not wanting to eat a dead body? It just annoys me...
If you don’t care about these animals, it is you that I cannot relate to.

Do you know how many farm animals are killed for meat per hour? ....THREE MILLION

That means that more than FIFTY FIVE BILLION are killed for meat each year.

The impact on our environment is terrifying!

1. Live stock are responsible for 18 % of global warming
2. 70% of the world’s fresh water is used to irrigate land, most of which is for growing feed for livestock
3. The US food system uses 450 billion gallons of oil every year to transport food - most of that is for transporting feed for livestock.
4. Waste from livestock can end up in your food. Here’s an example:

A child died from salmonella in peanut butter! (children have also died from eating spinach and other vegetables and fruit) contaminated by waste from livestock.


Ingrediants of peanut butter

dextrose hydrogenated
vegtable oil (cotton seed and/or rapeseed) (GM and highly subsidized products)
and salt.

Where in that list does it say meat or eggs?
Where did the salmonella come from?
The truth is we don’t know what we are eating because of the way the food industry functions.
Even if we dont want it....
we get it.

And that includes me... and you