Silver Arts Award



I have just been awarded the Silver Arts Award
by the
Arts Council and Trinity Guildhall - Yay!!!

I finished my work for the award a while back and had to
wait for a moderator to assess my work. A nail biting time.

Special thanks to Anna Aroussi and
The Exeter Phoenix
for advising me and providing the opportunity to do it Winking

(I am one of the youngest in the UK to achieve this award) Happy


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Exeter Public Library Screening

We had a great night at the Exeter Public Library where I introduced my film, Woof Woof, to the film club there. I got some great reviews and have put some below. The film club has been a great thing to do as it has introduced me to a lot of films that I might not otherwise have seen, including Koyaanisqatsi, District 9, Withnail and I, and lots of others.

This is me presenting Woof Woof at the Exeter Public Library ^~^

Another great thing that we got to do was introduce the group to BOLLYWOOD. We had a special Bollywood night and watched Paheli with Shah Rukh Khan (my favourite actor), then had samosas and chai afterwards for our film discussion. SRK rocks!!!! My mum wrote an introduction to Bollywood for people that had never seen it before and here it is.... ^~^

Bollywood Night at Exeter Central Library

Pasted Graphic

Tonight we are watching a movie called Paheli, filmed in 2005 and starring Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Suniel Shetty, Rani Mukherji and Juhi Chawla. This film was not a success in India because it has three strikes against it: it is short at 134 minutes, the costumes are traditional and Indians prefer modern stories, not folktales. Shah Rukh Khan, the producer as well as the ‘hero’, took a chance on a traditional Rajasthani folktale and I feel that the results are wonderful.

As Paheli is not a typical Bollywood movie, I have given a list of better examples of the genre below, none of which are shorter than three hours in length. Character and story development is considerably more involved in Bollywood than in Hollywood movies and there are two distinct phases, commonly referred to as ‘before’ and ‘after’ (the intermission). The first half you get to know all of the characters, their strengths and weaknesses and their deepest longings..then ‘something’ happens. The second half presents all the twists and turns that lead to the inevitable happy ending.

There are more than 300 Bollywood movies made in India each year. Of this only a handful achieve major commercial success. The rest appear, are enjoyed for brief entertainment value, and then disappear.

However, the handful of really good Bollywood films each year can be so brilliant that it fuels an audience devotion unheard of in Hollywood. Shah Rukh Khan has nearly 2 BILLION fans. He has more fans than all of the people who watch Hollywood movies combined. Men and women equally adore Shah Rukh Khan. Bollywood takes this kind of power very seriously. If you watch only a handful of Bollywood films you will soon realise that the genre is used to teach the values of love, kindness, forgiveness, loyalty, integrity, honour, generousity, and more. In the political arena Bollywood encourages empowerment of women, banning of the caste system, renewed friendship between Palestinians and Indians, unification of India, family values and religious tolerance.

An important thing to aware of is that there are no cliches in Bollywood. It is understood that every human being requires love to be happy. There is no cynicism about love and the desire to love and be loved. There is always a happy ending. A Bollywood film without a happy ending is ignored by audiences, so they are rarely made and only then as a conscious risk. Why? It is because Indians believe that love is our inherent nature, that God is Love and we are made by God of Himself (because there is nothing else to make us from), therefore we are love. It is believed that the entire universe is conspiring towards our ultimate reunion with the Divine. It is felt that the love between human beings honours and reflects this ‘divine truth’ and is experienced through the love of parents for their children, husbands for their wives, loyalty in friendships, etc. The Indian film encapsulates the ideals of love, without apology. Why do people love Bollywood films? Because they are emotionally satisfying. Leave realism at the door and these films will touch your heart.

The Indian film industry is run by a handful of Bollywood ‘families’. You will find that the same actors and production members work on movies together over and over again. Also you find that the more Bollywood movies you watch the more you understand the visual, musical and storyline references that connect these movies. There are many ‘insider’ jokes and subliminal messages. ‘Getting’ this is part of the entertainment.

In the Indian film industry most deals are made on a handshake. Relationships are developed and nurtured throughout a career and lifetime. Unlike many Hollywood actors, Bollywood stars strive to live morally spotless lives, openly devoted to their spouses, families and extended families. Relatively few Indian movies are rated above 12 and most Bollywood stars have never kissed their co-stars. Feuds do come and go between studio ‘families’.

The ‘Hero’ is an important concept in Bollywood films. There are hundreds of well known Bollywood actors (Junior Artistes) in India but few reach the stature of Hero. A Hero represents the biggest aspiration of the Indian people ‘personified’. A Hero is rated in the following categories (not in any order):

Dancing & Singing Ability
Acting Ability
Emotional Expressiveness
Fighting Ability
Family Loyalty
Ability to do stunts
Ability to laugh at himself

The biggest Heros in Bollywood are Hrithik Roshan, Shah Rukh Khan, Abhishek Bachchan and Amitabh Bachchan. These actors are like Kings in India! Shah Rukh Khan is the King of Kings.

The Heroine categories are the feminine version of the Hero catagories. The biggest Heroines in Bollywood are Kajol, Rani Mukherji, Preity Zinta, Kareena Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai, Sushmita Sen, Deepika Padukone, Tabu, and Shilpa Shetty. Heroines occasionally retire when they marry in real life, but it is not expected like it was twenty years ago.

Following are a few films to get started with if tempted to explore this genre:

Om Shanti Om - murder mystery with the added twist of reincarnation - the first half is a spoof on 70’s style Bollywood and so interesting from that perspective as well
Dilwale Buhania Le Jayenge - a classic that many films try to emulate
Kal Ho Naa Ho - have a full box of tissue ready, this film is a great example of the genre
Bhool Bhulaiyaa - a ghost story with brilliant dance scenes
Dil Se - some of the best music in a Bollywood movie - a few Hollywood directors cite this as their favourite film - a flop in India
Jodhaa Akbar - truly beautiful historic film starring two of the most gorgeous humans on the planet
Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham - about family love through good times and bad
Koi...Mil Gaya - a visitor from outer space gives the gift of intelligence and super powers to an autistic young man
Krrish - followup to Koi...Mil Gaya - a great example of the ideal Indian Hero
Dhoom and Dhoom 2 - incredibly popular films about a policeman, his sidekick and worthy criminals
Kuch Kuch Hota Hai - classic Bollywood love story
Main Hoon Na - two brothers brought up separately are reunited
Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna - love, humour and a happy ending
Mohabbatein - yet more proof that love is the answer
Don - Shah Rukh Khan playing a BAD guy and his innocent look alike - steamy dance scenes

Good Luck. Just to warn you...Bollywood can be addictive!

Men - by Chanya Pepper


We did this during a sleepover. We enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!!



Port Elliot Festival - Plymouth


Hello everyone,

I just thought I would tell you about my trip to a festival in
Plymouth Devon UK I went to today.
umm well...

The Port Elliot Festival involves lots of things arts and crafts, eco friendly tributes, food and music! It is held at a gorgeous location in the gardens of an estate. The feeling was very beautiful and festive and there was lots to do. Here was my day...

first: I got up at 7:00 and had a shower then got dressed and ate some cheerios.
Second: Then we left at 9:00 and got at the train station at 9:15 and met up with annie and lily.
Third: Got on train at 9:30 then fell asleep for much of the journey.
Fourth: Jumped out of the train at 10:15 and went to the ticket office.
Fifth: Waited for 15 minutes as Annie went call of duty and disappeared into the horizon on a
dirt bike that looked more like a tank then anything.
Sixth: Met a Poet who was really nice.
Seventh: strolled around the festival until ten to 12.
Eighth: Got a very small pizza for £6 (Och!!!)
Ninth: watched a few shows and trapped a wasp under a coffee cup because it was attacking us!
Tenth: Got ice cream and went to see our Poet perform Tea, Cat, and Mermaid.
Eleventh: went to see a fashion workshop and made some butterflies and gave my card to a famous fashion designer.
Twelfth: Went and filmed Lily’s Performance.

filming Lily’s performance ^~^

Thirteenth: Waited a little while and watched Fireflies (a rock band) sing.
Fourteenth: Went to the train station.
Fifteenth: Got on a train and laughed at the conductor.
Sixteenth: got off that train and onto another.
Seventeenth: Got off train
Eighteenth: Said our goodbyes.

I had sooooo much fun!


All in all I thought the event was well organized and in a good place.
But I must say the prices for food was outrageous!!!!!!!!!
They supplied good activities for all ages and had nice people to help in any case of emergency.
But I do wonder why the prices were so expensive for tickets...
>.<<br />
For this event I will give it a 4 star!

lots of fun!

Good work and please go next year!!!

Follow Up to Eclipse Review

Hi, I just thought I would tell you that I was right. They did change Director for Eclipse! That means that
in every film they changed director!!!!
Why? I think that its because they wanted to make the films faster and for less money and no self respecting director with a reputation to protect (except a new director that will take any job he can get - lol) will work like that. So each one quit. The proof is in the increasingly lower quality of each film. I’m gonna kick the producers...

it is too bad coz i LOVE the twilight series and i wish they would do a good job making the films

Here are the directors

Twilight: Catherine Hardwicke
New Moon: Chris Weitze
Eclipse: David Slade





I am disappointed... this one was lacking in depth. Yes it had cute lines, yes Taylor was hot but we cant give the director a thumbs up when he didn’t even come up with the story!
Did they change the director and crew again or what because the style was completely different...
The color was off too.

okay, okay, i’m sorry I sound like a food critic from the 90’s...

This movie was ... okay... i will give it 3 stars.... soz!!!!

Oh and i love you TAYLOR!!!!! ( that was from every girl i know )

wolf Pictures, Images and Photos




I just saw INCEPTION last night 20th of July and decided to tell you about my amazing experience!!!

I went to Vue cinema


This film was superb! Very well done and very original. I loved it because they didn’t just launch into the major plot they took their time. It had an amazing performance from Leonardo Dicapreo (nearly faints)

They should have had more time to do the movie so that they could do more character development though...

I will give it 4 and three quarters on the star front... oh and I love you Leo!!!!!!

What is it about? Well, I will tell you. Dom Cobb is a secret agent specialized in stealing information and secrets from peoples minds while they are unconscious. He is the best of his kind and at the same time one of a kind, but this makes him a fugitive from his country and all he ever knew...
But one day Cobb is offered a job, a job that if he does successfully will win his ticket home and back into the arms of his family... In this job instead of taking secrets he must implant them. Making this the hardest game he ever played. But no amount of practice and training can prepare the team for the
mysterious enemy who knows them all too well... that only Cobb understands...

Personal Note: Hello person from Vue Cinema! I just wanted to tell you that cinema room no. 2 is like a sauna but not in a good way! Please fix it!!!!!!!

V.I.P Visit to the RAMM's Store Rooms!!!

Hello all,

I thought I would tell you about my trip to the RAMM’s store rooms!
I went with my friend Lola Phoenix, WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!!!
Shelley Tobin was our tour guide and she showed us whole rooms of shoes, hats, dresses, etc., etc.
The women’s clothes were from the 18th century to 1980’s and the men’s clothes were from the 17th century to 1980’s.
There were some really beautiful clothes with embroidery and beads and lace. A lot of work went into making some of these and they were mostly done by hand. I now know how to organize my shoe collection...

Sadly I didn’t have breakfast that morning coz I was to excited (I forgot) so I was hungry until lunch... >.<<br />
We also got to play dress up!!!! ( with the not so delicate stuff) I got to try on a corset, so did Lola. And I tried hip bustles, bum bustles , etc. , etc. It was great fun!

We stayed for HOURS!!!!!!

All of these pictures are from inside the RAMM’s Costume Store Rooms. And all of the clothes belong to the RAMM.

Here is their website if you want to contact them, organize a trip to see them, or just out of interest. (click the squiggly face below)


Thanks and Don’t forget to have a look at the pictures...



The Group Photo!!!




Can I have a pair as a souvenir? (btw, thats lola)


Admiring the finery

Click Here To


Congratz on me and RAMM and my school too!

My school, with some persuasion, gave me permission to organize an assembly for the younger children at my school. This assembly was on vintage fashion. I spoke with the Shelley Tobin and the great team at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum and organized two volunteers, Ann and Rachel, to come and do a presentation on vintage fashion. I am very interested in fashion like this because it is so important in films to create the visual impression of the time and place where the story takes place. Understanding the details of vintage fashion is a part of making a movie believable and pleasing to look at. Besides....i just LOVE beautiful clothes!!!

The event at school went REALLY well and I am now the youngest child to ever organize such an event in the history of my school Winking

Rachel and Ann were awesome... they brought the most beautiful clothes, umbrellas and fashion prints to show the children and I was stunned...
there is one quote that everyone seemed to say it was...

--- Everyone

Here are some of the photos

(One of the ladies thought I was in upper sixth - he he)

o~T~o <----- if you can guess what that is you’re a genius and have won a trip to pixie land (comment with your ideas)


Me ..


some of the wonderful clothes


me before my talk


me during my talk


The children who want to be chosen


The chosen children


more chosen children xP


The after party


gimmie back that jacket, no you cant have it...


dont i look cute?


Pip pip and tally ho


The lady of the party dressed in her borrowed finery

bye for now


Woof Woof Finally Finished!

Its done! and ready to be shown to all my loverly visitors and fans!

Comment your thoughts and you could win a rainbow magic unicorn (NOT)

Maya Hansen Queen of the Corset

Hello all,

I’ve been looking through websites, trying to find ways to improve my Elegance blog by introducing you to some MODERN corsetry, and I found this corset maker called Maya Hansen.

After looking at her work for only a few minutes I fell in love with her Marie Antoinette vibes (LOL) and fabulous sense of colour so decided to put some of her corsets on my blog.

Maya Hansen was born in 1978 in Madrid. Maya’s father was Argentinean and her mother was Danish. She graduated with honors from CSDMM (Centro Superior de Diseno de Moda de Madrid).


During the early days, Maya was conceived as a ‘gothic’ brand and got retailers from all over. Maya began to consider herself a corsetiere in 2006. Now she focuses all her time on corsets as the main garment in her collections. Maya tries very hard to be better even when she’s at the top, and now spends all her time studying fabrics and styles as well as making corsets. She also works through fair trade with all her fabrics.

Maya sells all her products through her website which I urge you to look at (The link is below.)


Heres some of her corsets

and heres her website if you would like to see some more. She also creates fabulous dresses. I know what I will be wearing to the Oscars (he he)


Click ‘read more’ to see the gallery of Maya’s corsets...

Click Here To

Haute Couture Lingerie

Hello everyone,

I’m on a run here with what women wear ‘under’ their clothes since I went to the Elegance Exhibition at Killerton House, so I thought I would share with you some of these artistic knickers made by two sisters called Lisa Z Morgan and Melanie. These two girls have not just made underwear, but they have made offerings to the goddesses of our world, sort to speak.

They have made each one of their pieces original and beautiful, each differently so.

They own a company called
Strumpet and Pink. Each masterpiece is made out of the finest materials. Silks, Satins, Netting, Seed Beads and chiffon.

Throw all these together and they hardly make art! you might say. But the sisters don’t throw these together, they
mold them!

Click ‘read more’ to see some of their work. Don’t forget to check out their website in the link above!


Click Here To

Elegance Exhibition - Killerton House, Devon


Today I went to a costume museum exhibition. It was hosted by the
National Trust at Killerton House in Devon, and was called ‘Elegance’. It was great fun. I learned many new and interesting facts. And got to try on some 150 year old underwear…


Did you know pregnant women about 150 years ago had to wear corsets? And when they got too big to wear one they were put into confinement.

Did you know that in the 20's it was popular to have the figure of a man? If you had curves you would get things rather like bandages to tie your breasts down?

I met a very nice lady called
Shelley Tobin and I talked to for at least an hour. She is a curator at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, and was very helpful. She is obviously very passionate about her job and it was nice to talk with a person with such shared interests.

I am very happy that I went and have many souvenirs to show for it, including pictures of me in corsets and an under dress (pics coming soon).

Now I'm going to go through a few things I learned with you:


This is a stay busk.

It helped to make the breasts stay in place. It was a popular gift a man would give his female lover as a token of love. If he did that he would often have carved it himself. These days I think a girls parents might be a little anxious if a boy made her something to keep her breasts in place.

My theory is that one of the reasons women wore bustles is it made them less self conscious about how fat their bum's were, just my opinion.  


They also made people look bigger boned which was the fashion. Because if you were fat you had food to spare.


To make the bustle look bigger they used hip pads.

The corset crushes the diaphragm, liver, kidneys and bladder making it so girls had to nip to the loo quite a lot. Since children from a young age wore corsets its believed it stopped people from growing properly.


Also because it squished the body so much it altered how the body functions and made for a shorter life. If you wear a corset for a number of years it starts to twist the spine and make the bones easier to break.


Note: if you wear a corset long enough you start to get thinner even without wearing one.

My review on corsets:

All in all, I think corsets are works of art, though they were made to imprison women and shorten their life span. I am glad the world is finished with hardcore corset wear. And I hope it never comes back. But I respect the love of pretty underwear, which I share and can see why people think corsets are so amazing.

If you are near Killerton please go, its so much fun!

I enjoyed it and I think you would too.


The Beanfield

Hello, I went down to Exeter in Devon for the weekend with my guardian and saw a play.

This was called Beanfield.

The story is based on an event that happened 25 years ago on 1st June when a convoy devoted to peace made their way along with hundreds to Stonehenge.
This story stars Steamer, a journey man who is traveling to Stonehenge with his upperclass girlfriend.
During their journey they meet a young girl who is walking home after a fight with her boyfriend.
Together they team up and decide to journey to The Henge together.

As they go along they have a few encounters with the police none of them so pleasant.
But just before they get to the henge they are herded into a bean field were they are attacked by the police.

Hundreds were arrested for looking just that little bit messy on the road.

People were beaten very nearly to death and they pulled children down the stairs
of their caravans by their hair.

This is defiantly a sad example of police brutality and not something we can be proud of.

If this play was given a rating out of five and five was a broadway hit, i’ll give it 6.
They didn’t have much of a budget (less than £100) to work with, but they did a splendid job with what they had.

Words cannot capture what they expressed and what actually happened...

They captured the traveling feeling very well I thought...
But I think some of the acting was over dramatized a bit...

Here are some photos I managed to get off the internet...


Written By: Shaun McCarthy

Directed By: David Lockwood

Designed By: Philip wyatt


Eli Thorne

Ben Crispin

Georgie Rennolds

Ben Simpson

Katie Villa













Makes you think huh?

I recommend it a lot!

Arts Award Project - Step 1

Check out the storyboard for a small film I am working on. This is one of three ideas and over the next few days I will complete storyboards for all three. Enjoy ^~^


Chanya Pepper