Wicked in London

Last week I went to see ‘Wicked’, the musical, in London. I know really cool right?

Well here's my step by step account of what happened...

I woke up that morning aware of the billions of things I needed to do... I got dressed and had my breakfast. I rolled my eyes to the fact it was -3 degrees outside and I had to bike to school. I rubbed the thought of biking through the streets of Cambridge in my school uniform out of my mind and managed to get through the bike ride, and the school day, twiddling my fingers and checking the time every six minutes (literally).

Once home I had to get into my
dress, makeup and hair in about 10 minutes in order to get to an ice skating rink to meet some of my friends from school (that's right I double booked skating and Wicked to the same day... And no I didn't have enough sense to cancel one of them, xD not very smart).

I managed to get through the bike ride home and ran headway through my house to get to my room. I must say I should have won an Olympic prize for fastest evening gown change... My hair was easy as well as makeup...coz I'm pro at that stuff <3

I ran to pick up some cash at the ATM and made my way to the ice rink.

NOTE TO ALL DAMES OUT THERE: Never, ever, ever go ice skating in an evening gown. It doesn't work and it’s extra embarrassing when you fall over... O.e trust my mistake...

Heres some pics of my skating party...

Skating in Cambridge (England not MA ^~^)
Me in -4 degree weather.. the things we do for fashion >..< well i can’t say much with those boots on... but anyway! o.e

All the people at the 4 - 5 pm shift at the rink <3 ^~^

Me trying to take a decent picture of myself not being able to see what I’m taking one of, and trying to balance on my skates
at the same time O.e try it I’m sure you would love it too =^.^=

Eventually it was time to make a run for the train station... ... And.... ... I missed my train!!!!! Shooot!!!!!!! If that wasn't enough we caught the slow train to London ... At this point I was high on adrenaline. If I had claws they would have destroyed the trains seats... All of them! XD

My lovely feet in a london taxi <3

Finally I got to London and made a run for the nearest taxi... Sadly it was really hard to find one... Grrrrrr and with only 20 minutes to go in London traffic I was getting a bit nervous...  but I grabbed a taxi and got to the Apollo Victoria Theatre with 10 minutes to spare... YAY!!!

When I got there it so happened a school was on a trip there. The reason I mention this is because a girl pointed me out and said, 'is she one of the stars?’..Her friend answered.. 'Nah she would be off getting ready... I recon she's the daughter of one of them... Or a celebrity!!!' Now this really was funny. 'or maybe even royalty from another country!!!' That is all I heard because I was allowed in to the theatre but a little ego boost doesn’t hurt on a night out to the theatre ^~^ Lol - it must have been the dress coz it sure wasn’t.... the
shoes.. O.e

Once inside I managed to get a few pics of the stage and felt guilty about it... Sorry guys!!!

This picture shows the stage before the start of the show <3

The performance was superb... I couldn't have loved it more, the actresses really got into it. And the actors were soooo sweet! The romance was too cute and very much enjoyed...

The writer of Wicked was very clever indeed to think of a plot such as this while still thinking about keeping to the original plot of the Wizard of Oz.

In the break I fed on some nice crisps and sweets... Yummmmmm!!!!

After the show I exited the theatre with my very expensive programme and went looking for the Stage Door!!
One after another I got to meet the stars, get their autographs and have photos taken with them. <3

The.... STAGE DOOR!!!

The signing!!!!

Me and Glinda

Glinda in costume! played by
Louise Dearman

Everyone wanted their picture with the Tin man
Boq and Wicked’s sister Cassandra

I did too xx

Cassandra and Boq in the right corner

Rachel Tucker was Wicked Elphaba

Me and... THE STAR -- wait... does that make me a celebrity?

Me and Julie Legrand --
Madame Morrible

Madame Morrible autograph <3

very patiently for Lee Mead’s autograph


If I didn’t have my book up I could argue we were on a date >.<<br />stupid Chanya... though I wouldn’t coz he has a tiny baby at home... I will shut up now ...

The hunk in costume <3-- and no he doesn’t usually have his autograph written across his chest =.=

Signing his way down the line

A pic of me in the red baron -- a random plane that was just sitting next to the stage door o.e ...weird

Me and the slightly tipsy paparazzi <3

All in all I thought it was a great show and I am in no way surprised that it has been a musical hit for all these years.

I rarely give things a five star but this deserves it.

Wonderfully Wicked


Chanya Pepper

By the way, I saw this privately owned disco bus covered in graffiti

Review -- The Island

Hey guys, just watched The Island last night and thought I
would do a quick review in between shopping and homework Winking

Here it goes...


Lincoln Six-Echo (Ewan McGregor) lives in a contained environment in the year 2018 and he has been told that the whole world has been contaminated and he is one of the lucky ones who will populate a new clean world called ‘The Island’. But Lincoln finds out that everything in the world he knows is a lie. He and all of the other inhabitants of the facility are actually human clones. Lincoln makes a daring escape with a beautiful fellow resident named Jordan Two-Delta (Scarlett Johansson). But it is a race for their lives and their only hope is to find the people that ‘made’ them. Lots of chase scenes and this film reminds me of Logan’s Run, a great film staring Michael York who is brilliant in this film and in Cabaret, Romeo and Juliet, Murder on the Orient Express, The Three Musketeers and the Four Musketeers tooHappy

All in all I thought this was a good film... (more character development would be great - why have such great stars if you don’t give them a chance to reveal their characters to the camera?) There were a few times where it was a little hiccupie but not enough to not give it a solid 4 star -- **** -- As it has some of my favorite actors starring in it I must say I enjoyed it more (:

Brilliantly acted and well cast -- Chanya Pepper <3

The Beanfield

Hello, I went down to Exeter in Devon for the weekend with my guardian and saw a play.

This was called Beanfield.

The story is based on an event that happened 25 years ago on 1st June when a convoy devoted to peace made their way along with hundreds to Stonehenge.
This story stars Steamer, a journey man who is traveling to Stonehenge with his upperclass girlfriend.
During their journey they meet a young girl who is walking home after a fight with her boyfriend.
Together they team up and decide to journey to The Henge together.

As they go along they have a few encounters with the police none of them so pleasant.
But just before they get to the henge they are herded into a bean field were they are attacked by the police.

Hundreds were arrested for looking just that little bit messy on the road.

People were beaten very nearly to death and they pulled children down the stairs
of their caravans by their hair.

This is defiantly a sad example of police brutality and not something we can be proud of.

If this play was given a rating out of five and five was a broadway hit, i’ll give it 6.
They didn’t have much of a budget (less than £100) to work with, but they did a splendid job with what they had.

Words cannot capture what they expressed and what actually happened...

They captured the traveling feeling very well I thought...
But I think some of the acting was over dramatized a bit...

Here are some photos I managed to get off the internet...


Written By: Shaun McCarthy

Directed By: David Lockwood

Designed By: Philip wyatt


Eli Thorne

Ben Crispin

Georgie Rennolds

Ben Simpson

Katie Villa













Makes you think huh?

I recommend it a lot!