Takashi Murakami-- MANGA at the Chateau de Versailles

Hi everyone!

I was looking through... I think it was vanity fair.. and I found this artist, Makashi Murakami.

I thought it was really interesting because I think Manga is a spirited art form and to see it in such a glittering antique setting is different. The artist put a LOT of work into what he created and it is very finely done, and the artists that made Versaille probably felt the same about their work, so feel free to watch the documentary and enjoy Winking


Here are some websites to see his art

or just google takashi murakami images <3

Takashi Murakami at an exhibition in London

Takashi Murakami’s exhibition at Versaille


Mia Farrow

Mia Farrow

A Diva of the 20th Century

Mia was born February 9th 1945, her father was John Farrow and her mother was Maureen O’Sulivan. She had 6 brothers and sisters which made all of them quite the big family.
Most of her childhood she was in Beverly Hills (California) but made her film debut in 1947 with her mother... It was a film about famous mothers and their (adorable) children.
She tried to be Liesl in the sound of music but didn’t get the role... she ended up getting supporting roles in a few 1960’s films...
Her career really hit it off when she landed a part in Peyton Place as a naive, waif like Alison MacKenszie. She later abandoned the role because of the ‘urging’ of her first husband
Frank Sinatra,
She got her first starring role in
Rosemary’s baby. This role got many awards including ‘New star of the year’- actress...


After Rosemary’s Baby she was cast to Mattie in
True Grit, After that she exploded in the film world and was the lead in many of the classics of today.


Mia became a huge supporter of activism with UNICEF (my fav charity) and worked with her son
Ronan Farrow supporting and bringing awareness to the masses of this big and bold matter...


Even today Mia works with UNICEF to promote this honorable charity and to help children all over the world <3


Here are some of Mia Farrow’s films:

Rosemary’s Baby
See No Evil
The Great Gatsby
Death on the Nile
The Last Unicorn
The Purple Rose of Cairo
Hannah and Her Sisters
Crimes and Misdemeanors
Forget Me Never

Mia Farrow has made a lot more films than this, and good ones too, but this is a start....

Jacob Black Psychoanalyzed

Jacob Black Psychoanalized

Love me or DIE Bella! You choose >,,<


Most of us, (The Twilight freaks) have heard of the amazing Jacob Black, well... These are the notes of Chanya Pepperainian the famous and amazing shrink. (AKA moi)

As a young boy Jacob knew Bella Swan and thought of her as a childhood crush.
But when she returns years later he finds he has a greater attraction to her then he thought.

Not wanting to be pushy he tries to let her choose if she wants to see him.
But When Bella meets Edward she forgets about her childhood playmate and moves on to more adult content like blood and guts.

The months go by and Jacob gets on with his life hoping his infatuation would give him more notice.

As Jacob knew would happen the blood sucking villain abandons Bella, leaving but a corpse, a shadow of the girl who once was. In her need of love she searches for a friend, a companion someone to save her from herself...

When she turns to Jacob he is only to happy to help.
He falls in love with her, but she can’t move on... Not yet. Suddenly Jacob is swept away by the legends of his tribe and becomes... a werewolf!
He can’t be with Bella for fear he would hurt her but in trying to save her he hurts her even more.

Finally Bella breaks and goes on a rampage to get ‘Her Jake’ back. And in this she finds what he truly is... Being Bella she is naturally attracted to the more wilder man.
She stays by his side...

Until one sad day she finds the Cullen car and leaves Jacob in the mist... Jacob is tortured by his love for Bella and his hate for the ‘blood suckers’.

For a long time Jacob finds it very hard

He waits like a puppy for his master to return but the savage cow is only interested in looks and money. Neither of which Taylor- I mean Jake has...

To be continued...

Edward Cullen 'Psychoanalysed'

Edward Cullen Psychoanalysed


Edward the famous teenage vampire... UNLEASHED! NOTE: I ACTUALLY DO LOVE TWILIGHT

We all at this point have seen and heard of Edward Cullen from the famous Twilight series by
Stephenie Meyer.
But in this article I Chanya Pepper will unleash the deep feelings of Edward glitter heart Pictures, Images and Photos

Edward died at a young age, a very traumatic death, which can lead to over protectiveness of his home, belongings and loved ones.
It took him almost 100 years to find his soul mate and when he did he longed to kill her and suck her blood. (Not a very good start to a relationship.)

Due to feelings of self disgust, Edward needs to play the hero and save the heroine, which makes him feel like a freak with supernatural powers when he saves Bella from practically jumping into a car.

‘Understanding Bella’ won’t give up on him. She too needs help as, with her parents divorced and her mother going out with a jocky (as if she was still in high school), Bella feels a deep need for love, even if it means going out with the depressed blood sucking hottie.

Edward wants to understand what he sees in this piece of love-needing-work so he approaches her...
After many painful, emotionally suppressed talks, he lures her into a hike in the forest where he finally discovers what he sees in her.

This is where he psychologically plays and toys with Bella’s brain with his scent, his cool car, hunky chest, and mouth watering lips.
With these four things he manages to
control her.

Then, when their dysfunctional love was at one of its many peaks, the Cullens meet their new neighbors, who just want to annoy Edward by killing Bella.

And again Edward has to save Bella, but this time his urges get too big and he nearly sucks her dry... To make up for this he takes her to the prom (secretly to annoy her) where he gets her hopes up for becoming like him and being young and pretty forever.

And so goes on Edward’s endless seduction techniques and Bella following him where ever he goes.
Until one night, at her
unwanted birthday party, his idiot brother decides ‘TO HELL WITH BAT FOOD, I WANT MEAT!!!’ aka he tries to eat Bella because of a bleeding paper cut.
This of course is Bella’s fault in Edward’s eyes, so he walks out on her the second she is lost in the woods and, suddenly alone and deserted, may well die of starvation and/or go mad.

To be.... CONTINUED!!!!