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A Little Bit of Mambo

Hello everyone!

Lately i’ve been crazy about this album so I thought I would share my interest.

Heres my favorite songs. Happy

I hope you enjoy Happy


Chanya P.

Maria Callas sings That's Love from Carmen

My new favourite song to listen to thanks to Mr.H my music teacher!

Here’s the same song but in English! (And a bit more modern.)

Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo

Get a load of this - totally fantastico guitar

London Pirate Radio

Here is a great short documentary about Pirate Radio then and now. It is interesting to see the lengths that some will go to get their music heard in a land of government controlled radio. I saw it first at . Check them out! It is an interesting site for young people interested in current music and youth culture.

For a list of Pirate Radio stations in London