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We did this during a sleepover. We enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!!



Arts Award Project - Step 1

Check out the storyboard for a small film I am working on. This is one of three ideas and over the next few days I will complete storyboards for all three. Enjoy ^~^


Chanya Pepper


My First Kiss

well...... ummmm errrr it’s really ummmmmm SILLY!!!!!!!!

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I Love You in Different Languages

Here’s how to say ‘I love you’ in a lot of different languages. Kind of fun to memorise a few. A bit of Klingon? How about some Arabic? Or maybe just ‘Je t’aime’. Expand your romantic repertoire with a little bit of international vocabulary! Click Here To Read More...

The Local Teenage Society

The Local Teenage Society

How they find their temporary mates

Yesterday I went out to a party. When I went in I was feeling very self-conscious, as many teenage girls would feel. There were the bright multi colored flashing lights, the incredibly loud music, the tarty girls with mini skirts that looked more like belts with frills then anything, and then of course my eyes were led to the 16 or so group of hunky teenage boys who were getting into fist fights next to a group of rather fluttery girls who were giggling madly.

I walked in trying not to appear too enchanted by the scene I was watching. Quickly I made my way to a table were I could enjoy a bite to eat and see things more closely. I watched the girls dance becoming more seductive every time a boy was close. If they made eye contact for more then two seconds then she would come much closer... Every now and then a love song would come on and the girls, trying not to be as hopeful as they were, would make their way to the outside terrace, hugging each other and fluttering their eyes at the guys who followed them, a puppy-like look coming over them. When they got outside I followed wanting to observe more and found that they were complete idiots that sounded like teenage cavemen fighting for their mate.
“How bout a kiss darlin? It’s my birthday next month!” one of them would say and the girl would say.
“I bet you would enjoy it... Ah well, I don’t really care, here’s my number.” She handed him a purposely crumpled piece of paper, then strode off with a bunch of hip swaying girls (no older then 16). After they were out of sight the guys around him started taunting him with crude comments that I will not go in to...

Their Fashion


Now we come to the real shocker... FASHION!!! Some of their fashion is nice. I admit I own a bag and a bunny hoodie myself, but the hard core Emo, Goth, Chav types get on my nerves. So much in fact I refuse to get my ears pierced fearing to become used to the idea of scaring my body for life...

Is this what Edward looks like?... NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

And don’t get me started on the electric colors. What’s the big idea? Its like a perverted version of punk is coming back (I must admit the punks I’ve met are very nice. They like to swear but are obsessed with cuddles).



For parties?

And to me my body is sacred. Why make it an object to the other sex? I’m not saying wear gloves and a veil over your head like some religions make women do. I mean I wear short sleeves and skirts but why on earth do something like here below.




Is this pretty?????????

Is this handsome?????????




What’s with the sack trousers?

Okay, now you’re going to ask yourself “is she just going to go on like this all day long?”. Well... In fact I’m not. This all gets down to a point. So here’s were I’m getting at...there are two lists below telling each sex how to attract the other and get positive attention instead of negative attention.


Dear young man... this is how to pick up the girl you have liked for the last 5 1/2 years.

1. Be a gentleman (It’s hot...)
2. Be fine with chick flicks. She will kiss you in the sad parts.
3. Even if you can’t dance, give it a try (maybe she will teach you).
4. Smile and be a happy person. Emo angel from buffy the vampire slayer
didnt get away with it.
5. Don’t be pushy with her. It will make you appear a freak.
6. Bathe alot, you need it.
7. When you
love her don’t back off. A girl that can capture your heart has to be a good one so tell her you love her...

Edward was a gentleman and look were it got him.... EVERY GIRL IN THE WORLD LOVES HIM!!!!!



Dear young lady learn what you wish remember there’s less men on earth then women (and half of them are gay). This means that it can be harder to find your mate. For this reason BE YOURSELF. That will make you stand out as unique and special.

1. LEARN, be SMART and CREATIVE!!! It’s SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Don’t get a boob job. It only looks okay in playboy mags. (all plastic surgery is yucky unless your fixing yourself up after going through a window....)
3. Be confident in yourself and respect yourself. How will anyone respect you if you don’t???????
4. Don’t feel pressured for anything. Remember you have control in the relationship.
5. Play around with bubbly romance before you get serious.
6. Hygeine Is
HOT................ Health is wealth in beauty standards
7. Even if you could lose a few pounds you can still be as sexy as can be. Look at her down there. She’s round and beautiful!! It is what you do with what you have that makes you special. Love yourself! That’s sexy too.


Well thats the end. I hope you got something from this....

The End