Happy New Year 2011

Amazing fireworks - Up there with Bangkok 2007 ^~^ (wish i’d been there lol)

Metal by Chanya Pepper


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Urgent message for people who drink and drive written by me

Here is my recording from Voice Recorder for iPad. Check it out!

Heart of Everything by Chanya Pepper (age 5)

Part of everything
Heart of everything
of everyone, everywhere
In the hearts
deep inside
there is a person
Deep inside
there is a person
sitting down there
and it is me
Deep inside my heart
there is everyone
Inside their hearts
nobody is afraid of the dark
there is the favorite
of everyone

Chanya Pepper (@Age 5)

This is a poem that I wrote when I was five. I didn’t write back then so I dictated it to my mum
and got it published in the Camden Herald <3

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope you are having a GREAT one ^~^

Wicked in London

Last week I went to see ‘Wicked’, the musical, in London. I know really cool right?

Well here's my step by step account of what happened...

I woke up that morning aware of the billions of things I needed to do... I got dressed and had my breakfast. I rolled my eyes to the fact it was -3 degrees outside and I had to bike to school. I rubbed the thought of biking through the streets of Cambridge in my school uniform out of my mind and managed to get through the bike ride, and the school day, twiddling my fingers and checking the time every six minutes (literally).

Once home I had to get into my
dress, makeup and hair in about 10 minutes in order to get to an ice skating rink to meet some of my friends from school (that's right I double booked skating and Wicked to the same day... And no I didn't have enough sense to cancel one of them, xD not very smart).

I managed to get through the bike ride home and ran headway through my house to get to my room. I must say I should have won an Olympic prize for fastest evening gown change... My hair was easy as well as makeup...coz I'm pro at that stuff <3

I ran to pick up some cash at the ATM and made my way to the ice rink.

NOTE TO ALL DAMES OUT THERE: Never, ever, ever go ice skating in an evening gown. It doesn't work and it’s extra embarrassing when you fall over... O.e trust my mistake...

Heres some pics of my skating party...

Skating in Cambridge (England not MA ^~^)
Me in -4 degree weather.. the things we do for fashion >..< well i can’t say much with those boots on... but anyway! o.e

All the people at the 4 - 5 pm shift at the rink <3 ^~^

Me trying to take a decent picture of myself not being able to see what I’m taking one of, and trying to balance on my skates
at the same time O.e try it I’m sure you would love it too =^.^=

Eventually it was time to make a run for the train station... ... And.... ... I missed my train!!!!! Shooot!!!!!!! If that wasn't enough we caught the slow train to London ... At this point I was high on adrenaline. If I had claws they would have destroyed the trains seats... All of them! XD

My lovely feet in a london taxi <3

Finally I got to London and made a run for the nearest taxi... Sadly it was really hard to find one... Grrrrrr and with only 20 minutes to go in London traffic I was getting a bit nervous...  but I grabbed a taxi and got to the Apollo Victoria Theatre with 10 minutes to spare... YAY!!!

When I got there it so happened a school was on a trip there. The reason I mention this is because a girl pointed me out and said, 'is she one of the stars?’..Her friend answered.. 'Nah she would be off getting ready... I recon she's the daughter of one of them... Or a celebrity!!!' Now this really was funny. 'or maybe even royalty from another country!!!' That is all I heard because I was allowed in to the theatre but a little ego boost doesn’t hurt on a night out to the theatre ^~^ Lol - it must have been the dress coz it sure wasn’t.... the
shoes.. O.e

Once inside I managed to get a few pics of the stage and felt guilty about it... Sorry guys!!!

This picture shows the stage before the start of the show <3

The performance was superb... I couldn't have loved it more, the actresses really got into it. And the actors were soooo sweet! The romance was too cute and very much enjoyed...

The writer of Wicked was very clever indeed to think of a plot such as this while still thinking about keeping to the original plot of the Wizard of Oz.

In the break I fed on some nice crisps and sweets... Yummmmmm!!!!

After the show I exited the theatre with my very expensive programme and went looking for the Stage Door!!
One after another I got to meet the stars, get their autographs and have photos taken with them. <3

The.... STAGE DOOR!!!

The signing!!!!

Me and Glinda

Glinda in costume! played by
Louise Dearman

Everyone wanted their picture with the Tin man
Boq and Wicked’s sister Cassandra

I did too xx

Cassandra and Boq in the right corner

Rachel Tucker was Wicked Elphaba

Me and... THE STAR -- wait... does that make me a celebrity?

Me and Julie Legrand --
Madame Morrible

Madame Morrible autograph <3

very patiently for Lee Mead’s autograph


If I didn’t have my book up I could argue we were on a date >.<<br />stupid Chanya... though I wouldn’t coz he has a tiny baby at home... I will shut up now ...

The hunk in costume <3-- and no he doesn’t usually have his autograph written across his chest =.=

Signing his way down the line

A pic of me in the red baron -- a random plane that was just sitting next to the stage door o.e ...weird

Me and the slightly tipsy paparazzi <3

All in all I thought it was a great show and I am in no way surprised that it has been a musical hit for all these years.

I rarely give things a five star but this deserves it.

Wonderfully Wicked


Chanya Pepper

By the way, I saw this privately owned disco bus covered in graffiti

Song of the Week -- Non, Je ne regrette rien

This is my favorite song at this time... I cant stop listening to it... IT’S EPIC <3

Enjoy!!! (btw it’s sung by Edith Piaf -- One of the best recorded french singers to date Happy )


Yay I moved house --

Good news, I have just moved house and am almost finished
unpacking which means... (drum role please!) I can start blogging again!!!


Review -- The Island

Hey guys, just watched The Island last night and thought I
would do a quick review in between shopping and homework Winking

Here it goes...


Lincoln Six-Echo (Ewan McGregor) lives in a contained environment in the year 2018 and he has been told that the whole world has been contaminated and he is one of the lucky ones who will populate a new clean world called ‘The Island’. But Lincoln finds out that everything in the world he knows is a lie. He and all of the other inhabitants of the facility are actually human clones. Lincoln makes a daring escape with a beautiful fellow resident named Jordan Two-Delta (Scarlett Johansson). But it is a race for their lives and their only hope is to find the people that ‘made’ them. Lots of chase scenes and this film reminds me of Logan’s Run, a great film staring Michael York who is brilliant in this film and in Cabaret, Romeo and Juliet, Murder on the Orient Express, The Three Musketeers and the Four Musketeers tooHappy

All in all I thought this was a good film... (more character development would be great - why have such great stars if you don’t give them a chance to reveal their characters to the camera?) There were a few times where it was a little hiccupie but not enough to not give it a solid 4 star -- **** -- As it has some of my favorite actors starring in it I must say I enjoyed it more (:

Brilliantly acted and well cast -- Chanya Pepper <3

Recipe for a Romance Film

Nothing beats a really good romance film (though you might not agree aloud). You know when its good when you have to pause it and scream into your pillow (girls) or watch it again and again (girls and boys). Ever wonder why it makes you feel all warm and buttery? Some may argue ‘Just because it is’, but in reality it’s a recipe. This recipe can vary from cook to cook but not all their food turns out right...

Now, I’m going to tell you a few of the things that Girls like.

1. Friendship before love = perfect relationship, (love at first sight has gotten corny)
2. Awkward moments (good when not done too often).
3. An element of mist (a common term used when they can’t be together that easily)
4. Things that show how perfect they are for each other -- before they know they are in love.
5. Itzy bitzy bit of corny-ness... followed by randomness <3

6. Girls like gentlemen for love and bad boys to faun over in magazines, so get it right -- no sweet girl marrys a rock star (harsh but true)
7. Teenage love is a great place to start <3
9. With the first kiss you need to nail it. They both need eye contact and it has to mean something special

10. Little thing’s need to be added in, like same color pallet of clothes, similar interests, the graphic below is a perfect example

12. Keep the makeup the same between shots-- Keanu Reeves, Walk in the Clouds, last scene, FAIL!!!!!! (loved it doh!!!!)
13. No exchanging of bad poetry, its lame and an ear sore. >.<
14. Though its sad, its very romantic for someone to die... -- not in the creepy sense but e.g. Love Story, Romeo and Juliet, and TITANIC... these are probably the best examples of love stories and at least one of them dies in all of them!
15. People love seeing them over come obstacles with each other -- it gives a scense of companionship... <3

And thats the way the cookie crumbles <3



Hi everyone-- If you are a returning visitor you should have realized I have changed the color of my website to blue <3 if it’s soooo terrible
just email me and i’ll change it back to the red Winking


p.s. im in the process of deciding to make it different colors on different days Winking

A Dream I Had


I had a dream a night ago
In which my eyes
were the ocean, aglow
and if you looked as deep as you dare
you could have seen fish
swimming in there

Soon comes an old octopus
mean and cruel
I feel it has a dark purpose
And then he spills his ink out
letting it swirl about

He wanders all around
injecting black thoughts into me
I don’t now feel safe and sound.

This black beast needs to leave
I decide to find all the good thoughts
and with a gigantic heave
I toss them through him in a blast of light

He is gone.

So I close my eyes...



Smoking... It Makes You Stupid


I could say that it makes you ‘royally’ stupid ^~^

How to Make a Chocolate Milkshake

Just thought I would spend the time to give you and easy as pie recipe

(but not too healthy) for....

--Drumrole Please!!!!--

Chocolate Milkshakes!!!

You will need...

Cadbury Hot Chocolate Mix

Some milk -- In the glass

Vanilla Ice Cream is Customary but for a

Chocoholic Fest ... Chocolate is fine...

And last but not least... A blender!!!

Take three scoops of Ice cream and put it in a clean bowl.
Pour half a cup of milk into the mixture and pour it all in the blender-- might be better
to just put it in the blender from the start to avoid washing up...
Then put a quarter of a cup of Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate Mix in with the milk and Ice cream
before shutting the lid and letting it blend for 1 minute.
In the end you should end up with something like this...

You can go all out with flakes, whipped cream, chocolate fudge sauce,

brownies and more...

WARNING: Don’t eat too many <3

That was Chanya Pepper playing Martha Stewart-- Never will happen again xD




we missed

my one

year blog


Mia Farrow

Mia Farrow

A Diva of the 20th Century

Mia was born February 9th 1945, her father was John Farrow and her mother was Maureen O’Sulivan. She had 6 brothers and sisters which made all of them quite the big family.
Most of her childhood she was in Beverly Hills (California) but made her film debut in 1947 with her mother... It was a film about famous mothers and their (adorable) children.
She tried to be Liesl in the sound of music but didn’t get the role... she ended up getting supporting roles in a few 1960’s films...
Her career really hit it off when she landed a part in Peyton Place as a naive, waif like Alison MacKenszie. She later abandoned the role because of the ‘urging’ of her first husband
Frank Sinatra,
She got her first starring role in
Rosemary’s baby. This role got many awards including ‘New star of the year’- actress...


After Rosemary’s Baby she was cast to Mattie in
True Grit, After that she exploded in the film world and was the lead in many of the classics of today.


Mia became a huge supporter of activism with UNICEF (my fav charity) and worked with her son
Ronan Farrow supporting and bringing awareness to the masses of this big and bold matter...


Even today Mia works with UNICEF to promote this honorable charity and to help children all over the world <3


Here are some of Mia Farrow’s films:

Rosemary’s Baby
See No Evil
The Great Gatsby
Death on the Nile
The Last Unicorn
The Purple Rose of Cairo
Hannah and Her Sisters
Crimes and Misdemeanors
Forget Me Never

Mia Farrow has made a lot more films than this, and good ones too, but this is a start....

X-mas coming!...

Hi my peeps

x-mas is coming and I thought I would throw one of my t-shirts
out there for you to see...
Maybe a t-shirt to support
UNICEF would be a good present for friends and family Winking

here it is


I will have the shirts available for order by 1st December. So get ready to buy your Xmas gifts from here
and the profit will go to UNICEF to help make happy christmas’s for kids less fortunate.

Let me know what size you want!!!!!!


My goal is £100 for
UNICEF this Christmas... but I will be making t-shirts year round Happy

(and in different styles)

NOTE:.... you can order any of the images Ive created and put on my website. Have a look around ^~^

Here’s one for example <3


What Makes a Successful Video Blogger

Hi My People,

So.. I was thinking the other day about... ‘what makes a successful video blogger’ so I looked at some of the You Tube legends --Shane Dawson, Charlie Is So Cool Like, and Boxxy and they all had a few things in common

1. Doing stupid things on camera
2. Being able to laugh at themselves
3. Each video blog being humorous
4. Blogging on hot teenage topics
5. Doing dangerous but stupid things lol-- bungee jumping (makes a face at the words charlie is so cool like)
6. Blogging regularly
7. Being original (You can’t copy these people-- you have to be original in your own way)
7 1/2. (being good looking helps)
8. Having a sense of Humor
9. Having a good quality image
10. Never doing the same type of blog twice

Hmmmm.... all of these things are used by video bloggers and now you might be thinking...

“wtf how am I going to do that much?” But in fact this should be easy to do if you are the video blogger type.

I’ve given you the recipe.. go make the cake






Here’s one of each of their videos <3

Boxxy-- mystery blogger (people don’t know very much about her except she was on Gaia online for a long while). Boxxy doesn’t fit a lot of the catagories for successful blogger but she did make one of the most successful videos...this is it Winking

These are Charlies Videos .... -- he’s my favorite video blogger of all time <3

Shane Dawson -- the american version of Charlie... Shane swears alot and has crude content in most of his videos... we love him tho!!!!!!!!

Word of the Day - Clockwork

Word of the Day



clock·work   [klok-wurk]

1. the mechanism of a clock
2. any mechanism similar to that of a clock.
3. like clockwork, with perfect regularity or precision: The launching of the spacecraft went off like clockwork.
4. When a person(s) all do the same thing in perfect timing.

accuracy, consistency, perfect timing, regularity, smoothness,
On time, precision, predictability, recurrence, routine, conformity, constancy

Here are some different ways to tell the time
stopwatch, timepiece, grandfather clock, wristwatch, sundial,
mechanical watch, quarts watch, Timer, pocket watch, Big Ben...

To check out more synonyms visit
get a synonyms and antonyms book and learn about words - words are cool

How to Insult without Using Swearing


Hi everyone,

I was thinking the other day how ugly and boring swearing is...

So I thought I would do a blog on insults... using no swearing... Happy


Here is a list of insults for the more modern people out there

1. OMG I just found out you’re the only surviving brain transplant donor!
2. Oxygen Thief
3. Impertinent fool -- my creation... i say it to... EVERYONE
4. You’re going to need at least three promotions to make it to idiot
5. Whatever is eating you, must be suffering horribly

I can purchase bigger boobs, regrettably you have that tiny brain for life.
"Insulting you would be insulting to insults"
8. Aww, you've got a little crush on yourself. Be careful though the guy you're in love with's a douche."
9. Man: I don’t like girls with flat chests
Girl: Too bad you are one then

and my personal favorite!!!!!!!!!!


Girl: You have a fat a$$
Me: That means I’m voluptuous baby, its a compliment!!! You on the other hand are just plain stupid, and plastic surgery can’t fix that... though
I can see you’ve tried...

Note: The word a$$ is used in the bible and, as Shakespeare argues, is not a swear and can be used as much as one likes <3

Here’s some Shakespearian Insults

1. [Thou] foul defacer of God's handiwork.
2. (not really an insult but is good when used after someone curses at you) Govern thy tongue,
3. Move your face or I’ll give you the plague -- here purely to make you laugh
4. You will die a beggar
5. Away, thou art poison to the mind (I made that up so... copy righted xD)
6. Men from children, nothing differ
7. If you were men, as men you are show, you would never use a woman so...
8. If I be waspish then beware my sting.
9. You are an insult to the most ugly of asses (Another one of mine)
10. Scurvy old filthy scurry lord.

Hmmmm... I think more insults are needed... o.e

Random insults for all occasions

1. She’s so fat she looks like a viking ship in full sail!!!
2. I’ve seen wounds better dressed then him.
3. As baffled as Adam on mothers day.
4. She’s got as much class as torn wall paper!
5. She looks like a million dollars-- all green and wrinkly
6. I always know when he’s lying, his lips move.
7. He made all his money the hoard way.
8. Hi buddy, love the shirt... what is it clearance?
9. I love that red shirt, matches your eyes.
10. I love that black shirt, matches your heart

MORE... MORE... MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
coming soon!

JD and Chanya




Hello all,

Lately I’ve been feeling very rebellious as a teenager should, and when combined with my longstanding passion for children’s rights, found myself looking up organizations that champion Children. The favourite that I came up with is UNICEF’s website. After reading just a few pages, I was overcome with an urge to blog about it.

All my life I have been very pro children’s rights, and many other things rights (women’s rights, animal rights, I can go on) But still being classified as a child (though I have the same maturity level of the average adult lol), I saw one thing to do...

Yep you heard me. I am now going to do my best to start up my online business and give all the proceeds to UNICEF -- I really don’t need the money. I have been planning my online business for quite some time. The only thing stopping me is ‘start up capital’, but Christmas is coming business will soon be launched!!!

If you will be buying from my website, and therefore supporting UNICEF, I might as well tell you what it actually is...

UNICEF is the worlds leading organization focusing on children and child’s rights (I thought that that was such a good beginning line I stole it from the website.) UNICEF believes children should have good rights and not be treated like extra baggage.

Some of the children’s rights that UNICEF promotes are:

The rights for children to eat healthy nutritious food and clean drinking water
Gender Equality
The right for all children to get an good education
Child protection from violence, exploitation and abuse
Help to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS among children
Prevention of preventable diseases among children and access to Health Care
Good sanitation for children everywhere

In 2008 UNICEF raised £42.9 million for working with children all around the planet, including industrial countries where people forget how children are suffering right under our own noses.

UNICEF works all over the world to protect and promote the rights of children.

Here’s the link to their website...


I will be regularly posting about this subject from now on...

But now I must say good bye

Lots of love to my dearest fans out there <3

Chanya Pepper Goes to London

Hi everyone,

Me with my dog looking at the river

Me and my mum went to London for a business meeting but when we got there at midday we got told the meeting was cancelled. ;(

Me and my mum :P

Cool pic of The London Eye and Big Ben

So we decided to wander around the streets of London since we were there.

One of me with The London Eye in the background

Pretty artwork

More artwork

Statue Mimes/ living statues

Charlie Chaplin mime and silver guy mime

We walked along to the river then saw ‘The London Eye.’ (the Ferris wheel)

Good view from the Bridge

We decided to walk across the bridge to have a better look. When we got there we couldn’t resist going on it and when we got the tickets we found out we got a short 4D movie with it and ended up watching that.
It was very beautiful and there were real bubbles, mist and snow mixed with the animated ones so you couldn’t tell what was real and what wasn’t.
I must say it was very nice.

For the 4D crazies out there

Here we are in the capsule

Me looking out of the capsule

Me making a funny face

After that we went to wait in the line. And were very confused about the fact that the security guard checked only two of our three bags...

Here’s some info.

The London Eye is the worlds tallest observation wheel. And you can see around you 25 miles panoramic view around London.

It takes 30 minutes to go around the whole wheel.

A photo of your capsule will be taken of you near the end of your decent of the wheel. -- £12 for two photos and £10 for one. (Not worth it)


The London Eye was made by a
husband and wife team to celebrate the millennium.

Height: 443ft
Weight: 2,100 tonnes
Speed: 0.26 m/s
Time to revolve: 30 minutes
Number of Capsules: 32
Passengers per capsule: 25
viewing distance: 40 km

Thats me videoing the area from my laptop

Cool view of the following capsule

Me again!!!


The Crazy Lady With The Garden

Hi my B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L blog readers,

Chanya here. Well, I decided to do this blog as a tribute to all the crazy gardeners out there.

I was in Branscombe the other day (Devon) the longest town in the UK.
and I happened to see this house.


I thought it was just too pretty so I decided to take some more photos from different angles.


Imagine all the time and money it takes to take care of a Garden like this.


How cutteeeee!!!!!!!


All we are missing is the garden gnomes ^~^


They look like breaths of fire.


I love crazy people with gardens-- keep it up <3

Lol, well thats your good british blog entry, savor it coz its never happening again! xD

The Importance of an Education


An Education
In the world today it is foolish to think you can get by without an education.
So few people in the scheme of things have gotten through without a very good education… e.g. Madonna, Eminem, -- singers mostly – David Pinkus, (no education in the subject he works in. etc. etc. but that’s not what I’m here to talk about).
The beauties of an education are so great that it is so worth it to work hard for a few years. And achieve the best that is your potential.
There are so many cool subjects you can study.
Drama- why not be a writer, actor or director?
English—A teacher, writer or poet
Science—A marine biologist, volcanic genius or mad scientist
Maths—Engineer, mathematicion, or theroligist
Music—composer, music tutor, or stand up singer

None of these?—You will possibly be able to work at… a fast food place, Toys R Us, and gas stations. WOW!
It might seem harsh but this is your future without an education
Do you really think that your future employers will have the imagination and insight to see what a truly amazing person you are in a five minute interview? … NO!!!! they will only see your diplomas and see if your qualifications are up to ‘their’ standards.
Besides learning is… FUN!!!! I love school, I love 98% of my teachers, I love learning!
And just there I have won half of the battle!
If you are in a public school you aren’t competing against you classmates… you’re competing against all the other schools in the world. Including private schools.
If your in private schools you’re competing against all the people in public schools, who I so kindly instructed to compete against you just now.
I might sound a little military but do you really think if you are a smart, talented, creative person with B-‘s and you go to get a job were the other person applying is daft but has A grades, you will get the job? No! They will treat you like machines. Whoever has more up to date software will be the lucky one.

The thing to remember is that it is about pursuing your interests so that you can get a job that is something that you will have fun doing. Something that you will like and be good at.
Set yourself a goal. E.g. I want to be an actor, I want to go to Oxford, I want to write a book before I’m 16 and more. Then you have to find out what you need to do to get to go where you want to go and work your way towards your goal. Remember this is YOUR goal. It isn’t about your teachers or your parents or your friends. It is all about YOU. It goes something like this: I will write 1000 words a day till I finish this book. Or I will get A+ in English, Drama, and Latin to become an actor… and I will take singing lessons after school to as one of my after school activities. Everything you do in life is an opportunity to learn. Every time I hear of something interesting i research it on the internet and at the library and in my mums books. I ask questions. I am curious. This is what I think an education is all about. Being excited to learn.
And more!

So what’s my goal? COME ON!!!! You know!!!!!! I am going to be a film director and write books and have the best blog on the planet xDDDDD Do you believe me? Answer correctly or die o.e

p.s I plan to make this into a video blog soon. So more to come..lotsa love - Chanya Pepper ^~^


Thoughts on Teenage Pregnancy

First I would like to clarify to all my annoying friends on Facebook

I’m not that bad...LOL

So why have I chosen Teenage Pregnancy as a subject for a blog? Teenage Pregnancy is a subject that is rarely talked about in ‘polite’ society - rolls eyes - but this fact is only supporting teenage pregnancy because of the simple fact that children don’t realise how easy it is for this to happen and something of this importance could change their lives forever... for the drastically worse or for the drastically better. Schools are doing their best to make children understand the importance of this but its harder to hear from somebody you don’t have a close relationship with. And if schools do tell them it is usually as brief as they can possibly make it and doesn’t go into depth on their options if this does happen. The daughters, nieces and future mothers of the world are left in the dark because it is treated as such a socially taboo subject. Here are some video blogs that I have put together on the subject. I thought it would be more fun ‘face to face’...or maybe...’bump to bump’.

In 2000, the total number of teen pregnancies in the United States was 821,810

1 in 3 teen s become pregnant before they are 20

More then 750000 teen girls become pregnant each year.

1 in 8 girls say that they wish they had waited until they were older to have sex.

As you can see this cannot be ignored. Every girl counts and we need to help support them. To imagine this doesn’t matter is a criminal act of the mind. And you should think before you disagree.

My Pregnant Experiment
I was playing mother to my little 5 year old friend Dee and put on a pillow belly. I got more than I bargained for when people thought I was ACTUALLY pregnant. Argh!! Here I relate my experience of appearing to be a pregnant teen!!!! Children - do NOT try this at home!!!

What I Think About Teenage Pregnancy

What to do if You Find Yourself Pregnant

Drains and Firemen

Hello all,
I thought I would tell you about my trip to the cinema the other day...
We went to see Grown Ups and we were 1 hour off and had to wait for 1 hour xD
Well, to the point, we were all sitting, enjoying stale popcorn, when we saw smoke.
It was black smoke and quite unnerving.
We quickly looked at each other then looked back to see a woman run into the smoke.
Then she ran out and into the cinema. “FIRE FIRE!!!” She yelled into her phone.
I quickly got up and ran outside to investigate and found it was the smallest fire I had ever seen.
It was in a street drain... It seemed some people had decided to play a naughty trick on us all with old newspapers and a match.
Not soon after this the management came out to look at it and poured a bucket of water on it to put it out.

Just then a huge fire truck came wheeling round the corner to find it had been called out for no reason
-- sorry guys, no saving needed today Winking... and that was my adventure xD

the truck

the drain

the truck leaving

Photos of Dee Dee

Cranberry Picker

Click Here To


I swear officer I didn’t see the sign!


Scorriton Flower Show

Hey everyone, I just wanted to tell you about my trip to Scorriton Flower Show 2010-- Sorry I haven’t blogged sooner
I’ve been VERY busy-- like a bee xD
The Scorriton Flower Show was in August and is an old fashioned event that reminds me of Babe (the movie).
There is a mix of games, competitions, ice cream, food and music. I went there with a friend because my guardian had work to do.
We got the time wrong so had 1 hour to grab lunch at a local pub.
We got chips which was nice and some really bad hot chocolate though it was very hot out.

I had fun and tried many of the games-- not the egg tossing though xD


Here’s some of the fairy cakes <3

We had to go at 4:00 which was really sad because I had to miss the reason I came
-- the hay bailing contest T.T -- Im over it now... I think

Out of 5 I will give it 4, it was nicely put together and I had fun!


TTYL luv ya

My Trip to the River

I went down to the River and got Some cool pics -- here they are!!!

Me Under a Bridge Waiting for the Billy Goats xD
(I think I got this pose from Marlene

Click Here To

Lemonade Stall

Hey everyone, Its me! I thought I would tell you about my day with Dee Dee
(The actress in my film...Woof Woof)


Our fabulous lemonade stand We made £5!!!!!! (after

This picture wasn’t taken on that day but I thought
it was soooo cute I couldn’t not put it on...
You know she didn’t mean what you might think she meant...

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Type O' Project for Gold Arts Award

Hello again, I thought I would show you some of my Type O project. Earlier this year I started on my Gold Arts Award (I know that was before I got my Silver but ya know I like to keep busy ^~^). Part of my project was to create a director’s notebook. I got the idea from the director of Twilight, and decided to make my own for an idea I have for a film set in the future after the human world has almost died out because of a Vampiric Virus.... Working on my director’s notebook has been a lot of fun and I have finished about sixty pages at this point. This is the kind of thing that production designers do in films.

Here are a few pages below...

DSC01995 copy
Page One

DSC01990 copy
Warren is one of the heros of Type O’

DSC01989 copy
Dorian is Silver’s true love...

DSC01991 copy
Blair...the most British guy in the world

DSC01993 copy
Silver’s room. She is the Heroine of Type O’

DSC01996 copy
fashion ideas

DSC01992 copy
a few of the fashion inspirations ^~^

Back From My Holiday


Hello my darlings! I got back from my holiday two weeks ago! We got up at 3:30 in the morning got ready and jumped into the stuffed car and made our way to Cambridge. It was a five hour journey... When we got there it was amazing to see Cambridge after soooo many years away... Almost like seeing it for the first time.
We walked around for a few hours and did some light shopping before going back to the hotel to get some rest and watch TV.

Me being a slob with pizza that looks better then it tastes

The next day we got up and went to a buffet. Then we went back and got dressed for our day out on the town... Then we went to an old friends house to find they moved! But it was okay because we met a REALLY nice muslim family who welcomed us in gave us a drink of coke and even invited us to come and stay at their house back in Dubai. After that we went to a park and drive and sat at the top front of a double decker bus as we went to the centre of Cambridge.
After a long while I got a crimper and we went to Starbucks to have a drink and get Wifi-- I did loads of research for my newest Novella ‘Red in the snow’...
After that we went back to the hotel to get ready for our girls night out!

Me in my SPLENDER!!!!

We first went to a pub and then went clubbing. I had a blast and got a ‘Virgin Strawberry Dacqueri’ it was soooo yummy xD

Me having my drink

After that we went dancing and walked around the streets of Cambridge... It was one of the best nights of my life...
Eventually at a little past midnight we started on our way back to the car stopping to get ice cream...

The next day we got dressed in 20 seconds had breakfast and got out the door... We went shopping and to Starbucks then decided to go punting on the river by the backs of all the colleges... We got lunch and made our way to the boats and had to pay £18 for a punt for an hour. My dog got literally about 1000 photos of him for the simple reason he sat at the front of the punt looking VERY royal.


The next day we relaxed and went to have some lunch with an old family friend then went to the park got an ice cream and relaxed by the river. Then chilled for the rest of the evening.
On the last full day of our holiday we got up went in to town did more shopping and then went to see Salt with Angelina Jollie... (Not that good) Then went and had a posh dinner at the hotel and went to bed.
The next day we got up had breakfast and left.

That was my HOLIDAY!!!

Here’s some photos (click to see them)

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'The Tempest' at Killerton House

Hello all,

I thought I would tell you a little about my trip to Killerton House to see William Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’.

First I would like to apologize for taking so long to write a review about the Tempest.... (I’m in the process of moving and haven’t been able to publish on the internet!)


The Tempest was presented by The Lord Chamberlain’s Men, an all male open air theatre company that tries to stay in the spirit of what Shakespeare was doing when these plays were first performed. They set up the stage in the gardens at Killerton House in Devon, which is a glorious venue for a Shakespearian play. Shakespeare has be my favourite for a long time. I have all of his plays and love to read them. I was Caliban in a school play of the Tempest and am really in love with this play but must say that it is hard to choose because so many of Shakespeare’s plays are amaizing.

Well, I have seen a few productions of The Tempest (mostly online since there wasn’t a lot of that where I was living) and I must say this was my favourite!!! I found I understood everyone of the characters and what they wanted throughout the tale of woe xD
I was excited and it created a definite energy I could feel throughout the story.
The costumes were... BRILLIANT!!!!! very well thought out and colorful.
The acting was great. Each actor showed a definite understanding of their lines -- what hard lines they were!
Ariel was crazy and... well I cant think of anything that rhymes with crazy except lazy and lazy was defiantly not what he was. I felt he was original and interesting with a mesh of sweetness and passion. The small amount of dancing he did was superb and really set the mood of a spirit.
Caliban - Kristian Philips - was very well done... I couldn’t help loving him and feeling sorry for him at the same time. And I must say the actor made him the perfect amount stupid so he wasn’t under or over-acted...
I loved Miranda! - William Vasey - she was cute and captured her girlie elegance. It must have been hard for a man to pull off a woman’s role in the modern day world as women are so much better then men (Only kidding-- I’m not that sexist xD I have the tiny feeling I’m going to be the only one laughing at my joke lol)
Prospero was as original as he could be playing the almighty father -- a role that doesn’t leave much room in the realm of being original... I thought he was very well done all the same.
Ferdinand was lovely as he should be, as always sweet as he falls for Miranda in their happy love story... <3 I always love Ferdinand and Miranda as the two opposite of male and female that come together as yin and yang -- very sweet ^~^
I loved Trinculo he was very funny as the drunk jester. He has some of my favorite dialogue in The Tempest and was a joy to watch.

FIVE STAR -- Elizabeth the 1st

L Joke shes waaaaayyy dead duh (sorry bad humor)

Thanks for the wonderful evening guys--

Here is some info on the STARS of the show...

All of the actors were so talented. They were...

William Vasey - Miranda/Antonio

William Reay - Stephano/Gonzalo

Kristian Philips - Caliban

Mat Bannister - Prospero

Shaun McKee - Ferdinand/Sebastian

Craig Gordon - Ariel

Paul Hassall Alonso/Trinculo

Director - Andrew Normingon (he did a GREAT job of bringing the Tempest to life)

Musical Director - Jonathan Yesten Thomas (he was responsible for some songs and music that were performed brilliantly - the music really added something special to the production)

Movement - Darren Royston (The movement was great. There were dances as well)

Costume Design - Polly Laurence (I thought this was particularly well done... just the right amount of less than new so that it felt like we really were watching a play in Elizabethan times ^~^)

Creative Producer - Mark Puddle (I think that mark must be

I will definitely see The Lord Chamberlain’s Men in another production if I get the chance <3

That green one is the middle is me playing Caliban in my school play in Primary School a while

Interview With David Pinkus - Assistant Director on Prince of Persia

Hello all,

I thought I would tell you about my interview with
David Pinkus

Now David itz payback time for making them spend hours pointing guns at Nicolas Cage....

David Pinkus has been an assistant-director in a lot of great movies. For David directing was a second career. At the beginning of his life he specialized in trading sugar cane. But eventually it came to him being out of work and needing a job to support his family. So his friend got him a job driving Danielle Radcliffe from set to set. Eventually he worked his way up in the film hierarchy and his last job was being the assistant director of The Prince of Persia!

‘Many people laugh when I tell them that I never went to film school.”
-- He said after I asked him about his schooling.

‘My son really wants to be like me when he gets older, but I don’t approve,
In this type of job you never know when or what your next job will be and its hard to support
your family.’-- David Pinkus

David has helped in the making of many movies here are some you might know of.


  • Here are movies David worked on where he was... not credited o.e

The Dark Knight (2008) (daily crowd production assistant) The Da Vinci Code (2006) (daily crowd production assistant) (uncredited)
V for Vendetta (2005) (daily crowd production assistant)
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005) (set assistant)
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004) (set production assistant: dailies) Shaun of the Dead (2004) (production assistant) (uncredited)
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (2001) (production assistant) (uncredited)

‘You have to just keep on making friends in high places
to get you up the filming hierarchy.’-- David Pinkus

After I met David I felt so much more inspired because he taught me credentials aren’t as important as the mind.
We had a long talk and I feel proud to have talked to him!

Keep going David!

Odin the Swimming Tiger

Most cats don’t like to get wet
(Trust me I know from personal experience.)
But for Odin it’s a very different case.

Ever since Odin was a little kitten he loved to swim.
It’s quite ironic come to think of it actually.

Nowadays Odin is 6 years old and enjoying his life.
He lives in Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Zoo in Vallejo, near San Francisco.
He is 10 feet long and is a first class swimmer.

This is a video about this RARE beast hope you enjoy!

...there have been none seen in the wild since 1958 (wow)

Here is a pic - but click
READ MORE down below for a photo of what Odin looked like as...a...BABY!!!


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This is a short idea I had for a script! WARNING! DO NOT TRY AT HOME KIDZ

Daughter: Mum I think I’m fat!
Mum: No darling you’re perfect
Daughter: Perfectly FAT!!!
Mum: hmmm!


Daughter: Mum? Cant I get Liposuction?
Mum: Absolutely not! not now not ever!!!!! o.e
Daughter: I’ll donate my fat to the children of Africa!!!


Men - by Chanya Pepper


We did this during a sleepover. We enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!!



Port Elliot Festival - Plymouth


Hello everyone,

I just thought I would tell you about my trip to a festival in
Plymouth Devon UK I went to today.
umm well...

The Port Elliot Festival involves lots of things arts and crafts, eco friendly tributes, food and music! It is held at a gorgeous location in the gardens of an estate. The feeling was very beautiful and festive and there was lots to do. Here was my day...

first: I got up at 7:00 and had a shower then got dressed and ate some cheerios.
Second: Then we left at 9:00 and got at the train station at 9:15 and met up with annie and lily.
Third: Got on train at 9:30 then fell asleep for much of the journey.
Fourth: Jumped out of the train at 10:15 and went to the ticket office.
Fifth: Waited for 15 minutes as Annie went call of duty and disappeared into the horizon on a
dirt bike that looked more like a tank then anything.
Sixth: Met a Poet who was really nice.
Seventh: strolled around the festival until ten to 12.
Eighth: Got a very small pizza for £6 (Och!!!)
Ninth: watched a few shows and trapped a wasp under a coffee cup because it was attacking us!
Tenth: Got ice cream and went to see our Poet perform Tea, Cat, and Mermaid.
Eleventh: went to see a fashion workshop and made some butterflies and gave my card to a famous fashion designer.
Twelfth: Went and filmed Lily’s Performance.

filming Lily’s performance ^~^

Thirteenth: Waited a little while and watched Fireflies (a rock band) sing.
Fourteenth: Went to the train station.
Fifteenth: Got on a train and laughed at the conductor.
Sixteenth: got off that train and onto another.
Seventeenth: Got off train
Eighteenth: Said our goodbyes.

I had sooooo much fun!


All in all I thought the event was well organized and in a good place.
But I must say the prices for food was outrageous!!!!!!!!!
They supplied good activities for all ages and had nice people to help in any case of emergency.
But I do wonder why the prices were so expensive for tickets...
>.<<br />
For this event I will give it a 4 star!

lots of fun!

Good work and please go next year!!!

V.I.P Visit to the RAMM's Store Rooms!!!

Hello all,

I thought I would tell you about my trip to the RAMM’s store rooms!
I went with my friend Lola Phoenix, WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!!!
Shelley Tobin was our tour guide and she showed us whole rooms of shoes, hats, dresses, etc., etc.
The women’s clothes were from the 18th century to 1980’s and the men’s clothes were from the 17th century to 1980’s.
There were some really beautiful clothes with embroidery and beads and lace. A lot of work went into making some of these and they were mostly done by hand. I now know how to organize my shoe collection...

Sadly I didn’t have breakfast that morning coz I was to excited (I forgot) so I was hungry until lunch... >.<<br />
We also got to play dress up!!!! ( with the not so delicate stuff) I got to try on a corset, so did Lola. And I tried hip bustles, bum bustles , etc. , etc. It was great fun!

We stayed for HOURS!!!!!!

All of these pictures are from inside the RAMM’s Costume Store Rooms. And all of the clothes belong to the RAMM.

Here is their website if you want to contact them, organize a trip to see them, or just out of interest. (click the squiggly face below)


Thanks and Don’t forget to have a look at the pictures...



The Group Photo!!!




Can I have a pair as a souvenir? (btw, thats lola)


Admiring the finery

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Congratz on me and RAMM and my school too!

My school, with some persuasion, gave me permission to organize an assembly for the younger children at my school. This assembly was on vintage fashion. I spoke with the Shelley Tobin and the great team at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum and organized two volunteers, Ann and Rachel, to come and do a presentation on vintage fashion. I am very interested in fashion like this because it is so important in films to create the visual impression of the time and place where the story takes place. Understanding the details of vintage fashion is a part of making a movie believable and pleasing to look at. Besides....i just LOVE beautiful clothes!!!

The event at school went REALLY well and I am now the youngest child to ever organize such an event in the history of my school Winking

Rachel and Ann were awesome... they brought the most beautiful clothes, umbrellas and fashion prints to show the children and I was stunned...
there is one quote that everyone seemed to say it was...

--- Everyone

Here are some of the photos

(One of the ladies thought I was in upper sixth - he he)

o~T~o <----- if you can guess what that is you’re a genius and have won a trip to pixie land (comment with your ideas)


Me ..


some of the wonderful clothes


me before my talk


me during my talk


The children who want to be chosen


The chosen children


more chosen children xP


The after party


gimmie back that jacket, no you cant have it...


dont i look cute?


Pip pip and tally ho


The lady of the party dressed in her borrowed finery

bye for now


Branscombe Holiday Photos

Here are some pics of my holiday to Branscombe in Devon. I got lucky and had a week of sunshine ( rainy day).

Click on ‘read more’ to see the rest


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Holiday Photos Coming Soon


‘Walking to the Beach’

I just got back from my holiday in Branscombe, Devon. Great Beach!


More photos from my half term holiday coming soon!

Blog Slide Show OMG!!!

Hello all,

guess what I found after publishing my last entry?

I found Kizola, a slide show network were you can make little slideshows and put them on your blog!

Here is one I made!



Every Time you don’t Comment on a Blog a Fairy DIES!!!!

(Don’t comment)

My Video Collection LOL

VideoCollection copy

Crop Circles

Crop Circles Joke or Contact?

Crop circles, a subject many people know about, but rarely take the time to research.

So I suppose I was so interested in it that I thought I would make your job easier by doing the research myself.

Crop Circles started happening in the 70’s....

But it wasn’t until the late 80’s that the designs became so interesting that many people noticed.

Crop circles appeared over night in the crops of British farmers.

They appear at random just before the harvesting season.

Many people thought it was aliens but there was no proof.
It could be a group of people in it for a laugh.
But wouldn’t someone blow the whistle by now?

And why is it that there are never any witnesses that see it happen?

Lets take in the possibility that this is aliens doing this.

If you take your finger and point it in any direction you are pointing it to an endless sea of life that never ends.

If you ask me “Are there Aliens out there?”

I would reply

“Of course there is! Its crazy to think there isn’t

But not that long ago there was evidential proof.


This is obviously a human face... This wasn’t in just any crops though... It was just outside the biggest telescope in the WORLD! And they didn’t see anyone there that night. No teenagers no UFO... Nothing!

A year after this almost on the same day...


This Is obviously the face of a non human extra terrestrial being.

Do you see that disk there?

That was decoded by some of the smartest men in the world.

Do you know what it said?

Beware the bearers of false
gifts and their broken promises
Much pain but still time
There is good out there
We oppose deception
Conduit closing

That scares me... ALOT

What this mean exactly nobody knows.

I guess you can interpret that however you like.

Weather its about Aliens that will bring false gifts and broken promises.
or maybe they were taking about our governments (heh heh)

But I think we all know what ‘There is good out there.’ Means.

Here’s the last bit of evidence that aliens are out there...

Years ago a scientist sent out a message with info about our race in it.

Decimal Figures= Calculation System

Dominate element= The dominant chemical substances.

DNA code and structure

Height and quantity= Human height and quantity

Inhabited planets = We live on the 3rd planet in our solar system.

And a sketch of our radio telescope

Years later after that we get a crop circle of the same type of code that we sent out.

Decimal Figures= Same calculation System as us.

Dominate element= Carbon

DNA code and structure= They have an extra string in their DNA

It shows a picture of a humanoid figure with large head in relation to its body.

Height and quantity= Are apparently 4 feet tall.

And have a population of around 21.3 billion

Inhabited planets = Inhabit the 3rd 4th and 5th planet in their solar system.

Underneath the telescope has been replaced with something more complex.

If you still think Aliens don’t exist I can’t do anything for you...

(The scary thing is I’m probably right on there... o.e)

Thank you for your time!

Oh and I would like to put in this video which you can watch if you like. But I got most of my information from it.... They explain it better.

The Power of Punctuation

An English professor wrote the words :
"A woman without her man is nothing"  on the chalkboard and asked his students to punctuate it correctly.

All of the males in the class wrote: "A woman, without her man, is nothing."
All the females in the class wrote: "A woman: without her, man is nothing."

Punctuation is powerful.



Happy Easter Everyone!!!

I hope you have/had a special Easter this year...

To me Easter is a time to celebrate!

Almost like a birthday.

Because you only get 50 to 90 of them in your life if your lucky.

This is just a little note from me, Chanya Pepper Hoping you have another 1 to 100 Easters to come...

Chanya Pepper

Why? Why? - A Poem by Chanya Pepper

By Chanya Pepper

Clink! Clink!
Sounds the chain
That binds us down
To the power of our leaders.

Stomp! Stomp!
Pounds the foot
That makes the bread
For the wealthy.

Cry! Cry!
Goes the baby
Wanting it’s father
Who died in the army.

Move! Move!
Cries the soldier
Who will never see his wife again.

Goes the church
Taking more than its worth.

Why? Why?
Says I
Do they ignore the people?
And their feelings?

Sad! Sad!
Says mother earth to herself
As the sun goes down.

10 Wishes - A Poem by Chanya Pepper

By Chanya Pepper

If I could have 10 wishes
I would wish for
No poverty
No sickness
No slave labour
No pollution
No hunger
No thirst
No work
No evil
No sadness
No revenge
See what a good boy I am?

The next day the boy finds a Genie
“You have 10 wishes! Use them well”, the Genie said.
I wish for
A motorbike
That spider man action figure
An X-box
A movie theatre in my room
1,000,000 sweets
X-ray glasses
A Darth Vader sword
A remote controlled airplane
A new pair of roller skates!

“So let it be”, says the Genie.

And the boy got those things and grew out of them
And went bankrupt. Now the boy is old and you can see him,
walking on the streets, begging for money.

How To Be Ill In Style

How To Be Ill In Style

By Chanya Pepper

If your going to be ill you might as well do it in luxury and style. Don’t let yourself go and get all grungy. This is a chance to get better while feeling beautiful.

First, brush your hair (or get your mum to do it) and do your hair up in a nice pretty bun. If you have short hair just use a hair band.

Next, have a sensuous, glorious bath filled with oils and exotic smells. Soak in it with your hair up then lie on your bed afterward wrapped in towels and a warm blanket. Trust me, you will feel like a Goddess.

Now throw on a nice loose outfit so you can lounge around in grace.

Eat loads of mango and passion fruit.

Watch funny movies all day! Laurel and Hardy is a great choice.

Smile a lot, even if your throat hurts.

Have flowers around or close to you. Flowers make you feel good just looking at them and they are beautiful and often smell good too.

Snuggle up to a romance with a hot water bottle ^~^

Get lots and lots of sleep.

Don’t think your well then run around and get ill again. You will end up worse then you started.

Relax you have all the time in the world.

Don’t eat sugar or dairy. If you get a craving eat dried mango or sliced fruit.

Drink lots of water. If you don’t like water by itself then try herbal tea. If you think ‘yuck’ to herbal tea then try diluted juice. The main thing is STAY HYDRATED.

Follow my tips and you will be well in no time. Not just well, but happy!

width=79 height=42 border=0>

Flowers And Their Meaning

Flowers And Their Meanings

By Chanya Pepper


Hiya folk’s well today I was surfing on the internet and found out some things about flowers. I looked through it and said to myself, “This stuff is too cool not to blog!”

So below you will see the name of flowers and their meaning. Have fun choosing flowers for dates, coffee tables, wedding and so on!

Click Here To

Asking Someone out

Asking A Person Out

Asking a person out can be hard if you make it, especially if you really like them. But in my life I have had a couple boyfriends and every time I asked them out! (Mostly...) Guys are easy. Flirt a little, have fun, make sure he’s nice, but never ask him out when others are around, on your side nor his.

Now I admit these stories are a bit old, but they are from exactly when the boys decided girls didn’t have cooties after all and started asking me out. Here’s an example. One time I went to the park and was reading when suddenly a group of boys from school appeared. I was nice and tried to get them moving along so I could read. They went off for a while then laughed at me, throwing a few pebbles to get my attention. I tried to appear not to notice.

Then suddenly they came back and one of them, who’s name I won’t mention, came up to me, surrounded by his friends and asked me out in front of them. I didn’t know what to say! They looked at me waiting and I ended up turning him down. Even if I liked him how could I respond positively to a frontal attack like that? It doesn’t work, nor does it work to get a friend to ask your crush out.

But the
WORST that you could EVER do is to be a pervert about it. I was sitting waiting for a train with my class once when the class rebel, who’s name I wont mention, came up to me and asked, in a James Bond, sort of way.
“What do you do for fun?”
I replied
“I watch movie’s, read, fence, and spend time at home. That sort of thing.”
He looked puzzled
“So you don’t go out around the neighbourhood?”
“No I like my home and my friends homes better.”
“I have an idea, why don’t you come down to the park with me after school. I’ll show you some cool places.”
This boy had a reputation for running away from school, fist fights, bullying, etc. so I calmly said, “No thanks I have plans.”
“Fine it’s your loss.”
Which was fine with me or would have been if that was that. It’s what he did after that annoyed me. I turned to talk to my friend on my right and suddenly he grabbed my bum and squeezed it while smiling. I could have smacked him I was so angry! but I got up and moved away calmly. It was so creepy I will never forget it. The moral of the story is... if a boy is a creep... steer CLEAR of him.

I Love You in Different Languages

Here’s how to say ‘I love you’ in a lot of different languages. Kind of fun to memorise a few. A bit of Klingon? How about some Arabic? Or maybe just ‘Je t’aime’. Expand your romantic repertoire with a little bit of international vocabulary! Click Here To Read More...

Merry Christmas To you

Good day to you! Since Tomorrows Christmas Eve I thought I would do something on Christmas!

How To Say "Merry Christmas" in 25 Different Languages

1. Arabic - I'd Miilad said oua sana saida
2. Chinese - (Mandarin) Kung His Hsin Nien bing Chu Shen Tan
3 Croatian - Sretan Bozic
4. Danish - Glædelig Jul
5. Dutch - Vrolijk Kerstfeest
. Filipino - Maligayang Pasko
7. Finnish - Hyvaa joulua
8. French - Joyeux Noël
9. German - Fröhliche Weihnachten
10. Greek: Kala Christouyenna!
11.Indonesian - Selamat Hari Natal
12. Irish - Nollaig Shona Dhuit
13. Italian - Buon Natale!
14. Japanese - Shinnen omedeto. Kurisumasu Omedeto
15. Korean - Sung Tan Chuk Ha
16.Latin - Natale hilare et Annum Faustum!
17. Maltese: IL-Milied It-tajjeb
18. Portuguese - Feliz Natal!
19. Russian - Pozdravlyenie s Rozjdyestvom i s Novym Godom!
20. Swedish - God Jul
21.Samoan: La Maunia Le Kilisimasi Ma Le Tausaga Fou
22. Spanish - Feliz Navidad
23. Urdu - Naya Saal Mubarak Ho
24. Vietnamese - Chuc Mung Giang Sinh
25. Welsh - Nadolig Llawen


The Local Teenage Society

The Local Teenage Society

How they find their temporary mates

Yesterday I went out to a party. When I went in I was feeling very self-conscious, as many teenage girls would feel. There were the bright multi colored flashing lights, the incredibly loud music, the tarty girls with mini skirts that looked more like belts with frills then anything, and then of course my eyes were led to the 16 or so group of hunky teenage boys who were getting into fist fights next to a group of rather fluttery girls who were giggling madly.

I walked in trying not to appear too enchanted by the scene I was watching. Quickly I made my way to a table were I could enjoy a bite to eat and see things more closely. I watched the girls dance becoming more seductive every time a boy was close. If they made eye contact for more then two seconds then she would come much closer... Every now and then a love song would come on and the girls, trying not to be as hopeful as they were, would make their way to the outside terrace, hugging each other and fluttering their eyes at the guys who followed them, a puppy-like look coming over them. When they got outside I followed wanting to observe more and found that they were complete idiots that sounded like teenage cavemen fighting for their mate.
“How bout a kiss darlin? It’s my birthday next month!” one of them would say and the girl would say.
“I bet you would enjoy it... Ah well, I don’t really care, here’s my number.” She handed him a purposely crumpled piece of paper, then strode off with a bunch of hip swaying girls (no older then 16). After they were out of sight the guys around him started taunting him with crude comments that I will not go in to...

Their Fashion


Now we come to the real shocker... FASHION!!! Some of their fashion is nice. I admit I own a bag and a bunny hoodie myself, but the hard core Emo, Goth, Chav types get on my nerves. So much in fact I refuse to get my ears pierced fearing to become used to the idea of scaring my body for life...

Is this what Edward looks like?... NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

And don’t get me started on the electric colors. What’s the big idea? Its like a perverted version of punk is coming back (I must admit the punks I’ve met are very nice. They like to swear but are obsessed with cuddles).



For parties?

And to me my body is sacred. Why make it an object to the other sex? I’m not saying wear gloves and a veil over your head like some religions make women do. I mean I wear short sleeves and skirts but why on earth do something like here below.




Is this pretty?????????

Is this handsome?????????




What’s with the sack trousers?

Okay, now you’re going to ask yourself “is she just going to go on like this all day long?”. Well... In fact I’m not. This all gets down to a point. So here’s were I’m getting at...there are two lists below telling each sex how to attract the other and get positive attention instead of negative attention.


Dear young man... this is how to pick up the girl you have liked for the last 5 1/2 years.

1. Be a gentleman (It’s hot...)
2. Be fine with chick flicks. She will kiss you in the sad parts.
3. Even if you can’t dance, give it a try (maybe she will teach you).
4. Smile and be a happy person. Emo angel from buffy the vampire slayer
didnt get away with it.
5. Don’t be pushy with her. It will make you appear a freak.
6. Bathe alot, you need it.
7. When you
love her don’t back off. A girl that can capture your heart has to be a good one so tell her you love her...

Edward was a gentleman and look were it got him.... EVERY GIRL IN THE WORLD LOVES HIM!!!!!



Dear young lady learn what you wish remember there’s less men on earth then women (and half of them are gay). This means that it can be harder to find your mate. For this reason BE YOURSELF. That will make you stand out as unique and special.

1. LEARN, be SMART and CREATIVE!!! It’s SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Don’t get a boob job. It only looks okay in playboy mags. (all plastic surgery is yucky unless your fixing yourself up after going through a window....)
3. Be confident in yourself and respect yourself. How will anyone respect you if you don’t???????
4. Don’t feel pressured for anything. Remember you have control in the relationship.
5. Play around with bubbly romance before you get serious.
6. Hygeine Is
HOT................ Health is wealth in beauty standards
7. Even if you could lose a few pounds you can still be as sexy as can be. Look at her down there. She’s round and beautiful!! It is what you do with what you have that makes you special. Love yourself! That’s sexy too.


Well thats the end. I hope you got something from this....

The End

Diary Entry Last Day Of School

Dear Diary, Today is the last day of school. It is only a half day. When I get home I’m going to gel my hair electric PINK! (just for fun) X-mas will be good this year. I got the gifts for my mum under the tree first YAY!
My secret santa at school will be good (I’m giving one of the best ones. It’s a huge box of chocolates.


Chanya P.

OMG last day of school

Hello People

Well tomorrows the last day of school.
And I just wanna say a few things....

Top Ten Tips

1. Don’t forget to wrap your mothers presents.

2. Take the dog out for your dad on X-mas day.

3. On X-mas stay in your P.j’s all day long.

4. Eat many many sweets

5. Don’t get mad at your brother or sister if they want to look at your presents just point out their pile.

6. SMILE!!!!!

7. Help with X-mas cooking (You could pick up some tips)

8. Write a list for who sent you each present so you can send them a note of thank you. (No so you can beat up who didn’t give you one hee hee.)

9. Don’t fight with your mum she need’s time off.

10. Let your family hug and kiss you, they all love you.

Merry Christmas

A Happy New Year