Fun Films

Woof Woof Finally Finished!

Its done! and ready to be shown to all my loverly visitors and fans!

Comment your thoughts and you could win a rainbow magic unicorn (NOT)

My First Film is Nearly DONE!!!

Merely two weeks away from completing my first film.

Check back at the end of June!


In The Mood for a GREAT Pirate Movie?

Are you in the mood for battles, romance, sword fights, swashbuckling adventure? Oh....and parrots? Well. Here is a great link to find just the right movie for you. IT CONTAINS A LIST OF EVERY PIRATE EVER MOVIE MADE!!!! MWA HA HA HA !!!!


The Future of Digital Imagery - WoW to the Power of 10,000

Blaise Aguera y Arcas is a software architect who has created some of the most amazing software for digital imagery. You have to see it to believe it. He patches together tons of images scooped off the web to create 3D images that will totally amaze you. Check it out!

The first demo is in 2007 and the second one is in 2010

Blaise works for Microsoft.

Find these and other GREAT interviews, presentations and mini docs at - a great source to broaden your horizons and to be introduced to interesting people and the work that they do.

Happy Easter with Bing Crosby

Here’s an oldie for your Easter Pleasure ^~^ Bing Crosby singing Easter Parade from Irving Berlin’s amazing movie ‘Holiday Inn’ released in 1942, with Fred Astaire, Marjorie Reynolds, and Virginia Dale. A later version was filmed in 1954 , where Bing Crosby was singing ‘White Christmas’ again in the technicolor version of ‘White Christmas. In the 1954 remake there is less of a story but the singing is fantastic as well and actors include Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, Dean Jagger and Vera-Ellen.

What's Virgin Mean? - Great Short Film

Although the name implies a 12+ video, I think this one might be a PG. xD Enjoy


My First Kiss

well...... ummmm errrr it’s really ummmmmm SILLY!!!!!!!!

cute Pictures, Images and Photos

Titanic 2?

I didn’t know they came out with a 2?
Have a look at this and you decide.

Food Inc.

The information in this documentary is scary and true. The documentary follows the path of food from the ‘farm’ to your table. This documentary is only now available in the UK if you purchase it on Amazon through a seller in the US. Worth the trouble though. We have to take responsibility for the dietary choices we make and not rely upon corporate interests (which are always financial) to make those choices for us. You must see this documentary. Here’s the trailer.

Evolution of Beauty

Is this what you want to do every morning before school? Here is the demonstration of what goes into the magazine images of models that we all see, long to look like, and which make us feel inadequate about our own looks. This video is a must see for girls...and not a bad idea for boys either...although boys tend to be more forgiving (and appreciative) about our looks than we are.

The Girl Who Silenced The World For Five Minutes

A video that everyone should see and ponder. This kid (age 12) says it all to the United Nations in 6 1/2 minutes (not five). Watch and BE INSPIRED!!!!!!!!

12 Punjabi Days of Christmas

Here’s a dose of ‘East Meets West’... the funnier side of life XD