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Review -- The Island

Hey guys, just watched The Island last night and thought I
would do a quick review in between shopping and homework Winking

Here it goes...


Lincoln Six-Echo (Ewan McGregor) lives in a contained environment in the year 2018 and he has been told that the whole world has been contaminated and he is one of the lucky ones who will populate a new clean world called ‘The Island’. But Lincoln finds out that everything in the world he knows is a lie. He and all of the other inhabitants of the facility are actually human clones. Lincoln makes a daring escape with a beautiful fellow resident named Jordan Two-Delta (Scarlett Johansson). But it is a race for their lives and their only hope is to find the people that ‘made’ them. Lots of chase scenes and this film reminds me of Logan’s Run, a great film staring Michael York who is brilliant in this film and in Cabaret, Romeo and Juliet, Murder on the Orient Express, The Three Musketeers and the Four Musketeers tooHappy

All in all I thought this was a good film... (more character development would be great - why have such great stars if you don’t give them a chance to reveal their characters to the camera?) There were a few times where it was a little hiccupie but not enough to not give it a solid 4 star -- **** -- As it has some of my favorite actors starring in it I must say I enjoyed it more (:

Brilliantly acted and well cast -- Chanya Pepper <3

Grown Ups


Chanya Peppers Review of ‘Grown Ups’ 2010

Adam Sandler is famous for stand up comedy and great lines -- I love him for that! and he is really one of my favorite comedians
of all time, if not my favorite! I thought the concept was sweet, there were great characters and an array of different kinds of relationships.
It was very entertaining and defiantly not a waste of an evening!
On the other hand I had a few criticisms... There wasn’t that much of a story, more just a list of spectacular jokes. -- Thats about all... Oh and one more thing. I thought the pool
scene went on for too long... <3

Now. -- Drum role please!


I give Grown Ups...



YAY ~ whooo hoo ~ WoW ~ Pow... ^~^

Follow Up to Eclipse Review

Hi, I just thought I would tell you that I was right. They did change Director for Eclipse! That means that
in every film they changed director!!!!
Why? I think that its because they wanted to make the films faster and for less money and no self respecting director with a reputation to protect (except a new director that will take any job he can get - lol) will work like that. So each one quit. The proof is in the increasingly lower quality of each film. I’m gonna kick the producers...

it is too bad coz i LOVE the twilight series and i wish they would do a good job making the films

Here are the directors

Twilight: Catherine Hardwicke
New Moon: Chris Weitze
Eclipse: David Slade





I am disappointed... this one was lacking in depth. Yes it had cute lines, yes Taylor was hot but we cant give the director a thumbs up when he didn’t even come up with the story!
Did they change the director and crew again or what because the style was completely different...
The color was off too.

okay, okay, i’m sorry I sound like a food critic from the 90’s...

This movie was ... okay... i will give it 3 stars.... soz!!!!

Oh and i love you TAYLOR!!!!! ( that was from every girl i know )

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I just saw INCEPTION last night 20th of July and decided to tell you about my amazing experience!!!

I went to Vue cinema


This film was superb! Very well done and very original. I loved it because they didn’t just launch into the major plot they took their time. It had an amazing performance from Leonardo Dicapreo (nearly faints)

They should have had more time to do the movie so that they could do more character development though...

I will give it 4 and three quarters on the star front... oh and I love you Leo!!!!!!

What is it about? Well, I will tell you. Dom Cobb is a secret agent specialized in stealing information and secrets from peoples minds while they are unconscious. He is the best of his kind and at the same time one of a kind, but this makes him a fugitive from his country and all he ever knew...
But one day Cobb is offered a job, a job that if he does successfully will win his ticket home and back into the arms of his family... In this job instead of taking secrets he must implant them. Making this the hardest game he ever played. But no amount of practice and training can prepare the team for the
mysterious enemy who knows them all too well... that only Cobb understands...

Personal Note: Hello person from Vue Cinema! I just wanted to tell you that cinema room no. 2 is like a sauna but not in a good way! Please fix it!!!!!!!

My First Film is Nearly DONE!!!

Merely two weeks away from completing my first film.

Check back at the end of June!


My Name is Khan

A week ago I went to see ‘My Name is Khan’ at the cinema. Over the last couple of years I’ve been an SRK freak and it was a great surprise when my mum picked me up after school and started walking me to the cinema. We got some popcorn and I got a large coke which is my idea of a special treat, because I don’t get coke very often. We sat down and a nice woman who also loved SRK and Bollywood sat down next to me. We swapped favourite SRK movies during the intermission.

As soon as the movie started I knew it would be a good one. Shah Rukh Khan does a fantastic job portraying a man with Asperger’s Syndrome (played by SRK) who falls in love and wins his bride. Things are looking great for Khan until tragedy enters their life, he and his wife argue and Khan (here I am giving minimal information so as not to ruin the story for you) is forced to leave. Now Khan sets off on a mission to tell the president ‘My name is Khan, and I am not a terrorist.’ This movie is a must see and anyone will enjoy it.

Chanya Pepper

Here is the trailer

And here is the ‘My Name Is Khan’ Website

Dil Se - Movie of the Week

I first saw this at home because it came out just before my time.
I thought it was altogether well done and I have nothing to complain about.

Dil Se... though this movie is for 15+ it is an amazing movie to watch. A story of two completely mad people of the opposite sex falling in love because of the hero’s (SRK) utter persistence. It is set in northern India when a revolution is going on between the local people and the government, and has it all war, love, violence, bombs, terrorists and more!
plus enough romance to sink the Titanic!

The hero (in Bollywood the lead man is the hero) is a reporter for all India radio who meets a
mysterious woman at a train stop and can’t stop thinking about her and, as fate would have it, bumping into her. Shahruhk gives a spectacular performance in his many original songs. And check out the gorgeous dancing. This film has some of the best songs and best dancing of any Bollywood movie I’ve seen.

It is a masterpiece that also happens to be one of director Spike Lee’s favorite films. At least one of the songs, Chiaya Chiaya (see the video above), is used as the theme song in one of his films, ‘Inside Man’.

This is one of my favorite films to watch and I try to watch it regularly and almost every night go to bed listening to one or two songs from the soundtrack.




I saw this movie while I was in denmark after it came out - I loved it!
It really developed the characters well!
But I didn’t like how the innocent girl died too sad! ;(

I would recommend it!

Chicago is an interesting story about a married woman who kills her lover and is sent to prison. This is the story of her and all the other prisoner’s there with fun, evil and creative songs, and their various attempts to woo public favour so that they can get an innocent verdict in their trials.
It says alot about human behavior and is in one of the ‘1001 Movie’s You Must See Before You Die’ for sure. The costumes and set design are fabulous, the songs are great and so is the acting and direction. An all around winner.



Avatar 3D


But now i’ve seen it 3 times in 3D at Vue cinema, downloaded it onto my iPad and watched it loads at home.
I thought the animation was brill. And James Cameron (The director) did everything very well!

Only a few times have I seen such a masterpiece! Out of Five I give it FIVE!!!! This is a must see movie. I condemn anyone who doesn’t see it to a life time of boredom. Such romance, meaning, animation, character development, heart throb, action and FUN (he starts out as an idiot of course). She has such grace and personality I have no doubt that this will win the oscars. Shame they can’t hand out a best actress award to an animated character. Now...the strategy commences to see it again as soon as possible! And then I might just have to angle for a blueray player so that I can have Avatar as my first Blueray purchase. Yeah!

p.s. I got to keep the 3D glasses heh heh

Avatar-so cool

New Moon


I went to see New Moon last week and I wasn’t expecting it to be that good. I saw Twilight and wasn’t that impressed, although I loved reading the Twilight Saga. In New Moon they managed to capture a good time without Edward, which got a little boring in the book (although I am still devoted to Stephanie Meyer). This is a must see movie (but do read the book first its better no offence ^~^). Out of five stars I give it a nice round four stars. I look forward to getting it when it comes out on DVD.

P.s. I like the new director better

G.I. Joe

I saw G.I. Joe last night
G.I joe was... okay, but i felt it left out soooo much character involvement. I must say I do love the actor who played Joe, but out of five stars I would give it a...
2 and a half sorry to be harsh...The romance was corny and was trying to be deep. Joe's ex was walking around in heels to high for her to walk in and i thought the voices where too quiet and the action scenes too loud! ARGHHH A MESS!



Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

I saw HPATHBP- what do you think of my abbreviation for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince?
Out of five stars I would give this movie 3 stars, because in this one they did play the romance on, but what happened to the wishing of the wands? And I felt that Ron was the only person who played his/her role to the fullest. The way he played the role of being bewitched in to being in love with the girl who sent the chocolates to Harry. Yes he was the best best part of the movie to me, and also i didn't feel a thing when Dumbledoor died.... (I cried in the book)

- Everyone I’ve asked