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Takashi Murakami-- MANGA at the Chateau de Versailles

Hi everyone!

I was looking through... I think it was vanity fair.. and I found this artist, Makashi Murakami.

I thought it was really interesting because I think Manga is a spirited art form and to see it in such a glittering antique setting is different. The artist put a LOT of work into what he created and it is very finely done, and the artists that made Versaille probably felt the same about their work, so feel free to watch the documentary and enjoy Winking


Here are some websites to see his art

or just google takashi murakami images <3

Takashi Murakami at an exhibition in London

Takashi Murakami’s exhibition at Versaille


Christine Lee - Sculptor Extraordinaire

This July I went to a private opening of Christine Lee’s Studio near Sidmouth in Devon. Christine’s studio is in a converted barn out in the countryside. Christine says that it is a great place to work in the warmer months but she doesn’t work here in the winter when the studio becomes too cold.

Christine offered Pim cocktails and Lemonade plus lots of yummy h’orderves to guests as we chatted and enjoyed her art. She had many of her works on view including large and small sculptures and many sketches and paintings. Christine Lee is a Devon based sculptor with a long history of creating figurative art. She mainly paints nudes, cats, children and dogs (from what I’ve seen). Her sculpture is varied as she makes both indoor and outdoor sculpture and large and small sizes. Here are some examples...

This piece, the Great Acorn, was in the garden outside of Christine’s studio

And this piece was on display in Christine’s workshop.

Christine Lee also had several versions of her world famous Swan Sculpture, the original of which can be seen in Stratford upon Avon. The smaller version is displayed on a marble base and great from any direction that you look at it.

For those who might not know the Swan Theatre is built next to the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-upon-Avon. The original Swan Theatre in London was one of the biggest and most distinguished theatres of its time.. Here is a sketch and also a photo of what the Swan Theatre looked like and what the RSC Swan Theatre looks like now. Stratford has a long history of friendly relations with swans. A pair of swans were given in 1867 by Rev G J Granville to the ‘corporation’ of Stratford and these and their decendents became known as the Stratford Swans. Sadly their progeny were also eaten at feasts and on special occasions. I wonder if this may have something to do with the swans in Christine’s sculpture ^~^



Here is Her Majesty the Queen inaugurating Christine Lee’s fountain in Stratford-upon-Avon. It is easy to see why Christine’s sculpture was chosen to honour the 800th Anniversary of Stratford-upon-Avon, the birth place and final resting place of Shakespeare.... ^~^


Also of special note was that the Mayor of Budleigh Salterton was at Christine’s opening with his lovely wife. He wore an extravagant necklace with the names of previous mayors engraved on it. Wish I could remember the name of that necklace....

Thanks Christine for a great time!

‘till next time

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The Art of Chase

Chase Erachi takes street art to the level of high art with a dose of high consciousness. A philosopher, dreamer, and doer all rolled into one. Here is some art taken from Chase’s myspace. You can check him out by following this link to his myspace page or by looking at his amazing website This is not your run of the mill street artist. Take a look and BE INSPIRED!!!

Chase is in his early 30’s and lives in Los Angeles. Here is some info about him from his bio:

As a public service, Chase, artist/designer and Belgium transplant now living in Los Angeles, paints free murals around the world depicting young children with the text next to them saying: “Remember Who You Are”. The intent behind the mural campaign is to inspire people to think back and reconnect with a state of being that we all enjoyed when we were children, a state of being that was filled with joy, truth, love and wonder for the world around us.  Furthermore, the “Remember Who You Are” campaign also reminds us that we should always remember who we are, where we came from and where we are going.


Chase’s other mural installations revolve around  his “Awareness Geezers”, who are best described as colorful characters who have stumbled upon spirituality and awareness not by following the suggested path in life, but rather by having created their own path, guided by their sense of adventure and an “irreducable element of rascality”. The “Awareness Geezers” bring with them the fruits of their experiences in the form of uplifting messages such as “you can’t until you say you can”, “be peace”, and “go without if you don’t go within”. The messages are designed to inspire soul-searching conversations with one’s self or with others.
Some of Chase’s past clients include Puma, Adidas, Levi’s, Scion, Acura, Hot Kiss, Bloomingdale’s, GenArt, Palmer Snowboards and Western Union.
In October 2006, Italian Vogue named Chase one of their favorite artists in the world amongst Banksy, Shephard Fairey and Space Invader. Since then Chase has been featured in more than 40 magazines from over 6 countries.
With over 125 murals painted in the greater Los Angeles area and around the world, appearances on TV and in magazines, and with his limited edition items available at select stores worldwide, Chase’s work has been seen by millions.


Click ‘read more’ to see more of Chase’s great art and some slide shows!!!!

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Zetka is an amazing group of Belgian artists. Specially interested in Graffiti and doodles. They make amazing characters using the basics of cartooning. They are also incredibly CUTE!!!

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