Sep 2010

Drains and Firemen

Hello all,
I thought I would tell you about my trip to the cinema the other day...
We went to see Grown Ups and we were 1 hour off and had to wait for 1 hour xD
Well, to the point, we were all sitting, enjoying stale popcorn, when we saw smoke.
It was black smoke and quite unnerving.
We quickly looked at each other then looked back to see a woman run into the smoke.
Then she ran out and into the cinema. “FIRE FIRE!!!” She yelled into her phone.
I quickly got up and ran outside to investigate and found it was the smallest fire I had ever seen.
It was in a street drain... It seemed some people had decided to play a naughty trick on us all with old newspapers and a match.
Not soon after this the management came out to look at it and poured a bucket of water on it to put it out.

Just then a huge fire truck came wheeling round the corner to find it had been called out for no reason
-- sorry guys, no saving needed today Winking... and that was my adventure xD

the truck

the drain

the truck leaving

Photos of Dee Dee

Cranberry Picker

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I swear officer I didn’t see the sign!


Scorriton Flower Show

Hey everyone, I just wanted to tell you about my trip to Scorriton Flower Show 2010-- Sorry I haven’t blogged sooner
I’ve been VERY busy-- like a bee xD
The Scorriton Flower Show was in August and is an old fashioned event that reminds me of Babe (the movie).
There is a mix of games, competitions, ice cream, food and music. I went there with a friend because my guardian had work to do.
We got the time wrong so had 1 hour to grab lunch at a local pub.
We got chips which was nice and some really bad hot chocolate though it was very hot out.

I had fun and tried many of the games-- not the egg tossing though xD


Here’s some of the fairy cakes <3

We had to go at 4:00 which was really sad because I had to miss the reason I came
-- the hay bailing contest T.T -- Im over it now... I think

Out of 5 I will give it 4, it was nicely put together and I had fun!


TTYL luv ya

My Trip to the River

I went down to the River and got Some cool pics -- here they are!!!

Me Under a Bridge Waiting for the Billy Goats xD
(I think I got this pose from Marlene

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Lemonade Stall

Hey everyone, Its me! I thought I would tell you about my day with Dee Dee
(The actress in my film...Woof Woof)


Our fabulous lemonade stand We made £5!!!!!! (after

This picture wasn’t taken on that day but I thought
it was soooo cute I couldn’t not put it on...
You know she didn’t mean what you might think she meant...

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Type O' Project for Gold Arts Award

Hello again, I thought I would show you some of my Type O project. Earlier this year I started on my Gold Arts Award (I know that was before I got my Silver but ya know I like to keep busy ^~^). Part of my project was to create a director’s notebook. I got the idea from the director of Twilight, and decided to make my own for an idea I have for a film set in the future after the human world has almost died out because of a Vampiric Virus.... Working on my director’s notebook has been a lot of fun and I have finished about sixty pages at this point. This is the kind of thing that production designers do in films.

Here are a few pages below...

DSC01995 copy
Page One

DSC01990 copy
Warren is one of the heros of Type O’

DSC01989 copy
Dorian is Silver’s true love...

DSC01991 copy
Blair...the most British guy in the world

DSC01993 copy
Silver’s room. She is the Heroine of Type O’

DSC01996 copy
fashion ideas

DSC01992 copy
a few of the fashion inspirations ^~^

Dartington Film Festival 'SHOOT'

Hi Everyone!

I got my film ‘Woof Woof’ into a film festival--‘SHOOT’ film festival at Dartington Cinema! Visit the Dartington website by clicking here

I’m really happy with the results. There were 7 films selected for the festival altogether. I was by far the youngest contestant and was competing against professional film makers with High Definition cameras (...Santa...did you hear that) and funding from the council and other organisations. So really I was just thrilled to be in such exhaulted company Winking And especially thrilled to see my film on the BIG SCREEN!!!! Here are some pics taken on Woof Woof’s big night. Super Cool

btw - not many pics coz we weren’t allowed to have a camera in the cinema ;(

DSC03095 copy_2
DeeDee and I before the screening of Woof Woof being silly

DSC03094 copy_2
more silliness ^~^

I am a master of the universe...mwa ha ha ha!!!

DSC03096 copy_2
Cara...the MOTHER... Before the screening

This was taken just after the film festival. We all have red eye but had a GREAT time!