Sep 2009


here's a little thing that was sent to me and i am going to make in to a music video
heres a preview hee hee

Burns Bridges

She burns bridges wherever she goes
From the top of her head to the tip of her toes
She's in illusion - she's running
She's in delusion - she's hoping
For a fresh start, something brighter, something new

She burns bridges wherever she goes
She's always on new ground where nothing grows
She's in illusion - thinking new beginning
She's in delusion - thinking she's winning
But its frying pan into the fire her history shows
She doesn't burn brighter!

She burns bridges wherever she goes
From the street to the bed she just doesn't know
She's in illusion - she's expecting
She's in delusion - she's repeating
Seeking something true, something red white black or blue

She burns bridges wherever she goes
Always hiding her fear she puts on a show
She's in illusion - she's confusing
She's in delusion - she's refusing
To see if you won't stay you wont' grow

She burns bridges wherever she goes
Letting go is a lifestyle, flying with the crows
She's in illusion - she's criticizing
She's in delusion - she's judging
Won't see its her attitude leads to the blows

She burns bridges wherever she goes
Nothing's worth keeping, going with the flow
She's in illusion - she's hiding
She's in delusion - she's pretending
Everything's cool but her heart says it's not.

She's on the lookout for a fresh new start
She's looking for the one to heal her heart
Stop the spinning, stop the whirling,
Get real, get smart, do your part
Bridge building is totally cool so time to be

She builds bridges wherever she goes
Sharing worlds, making friends, hanging out
Learning the lessons, being strong, facing herself
She's on course, one of the gang, off the shelf
Girl, make your own way, be true to yourself.

Go Girl

Starry Sari

This is Star. She is a Hindi Goddess
of the night. She goes swimming every night in her sari then
she shakes the sari dry, and all of the stars
on her sari fly up and get stuck to the sky, and it takes until morning to collect them all up again.


The Night Goddess

The Goddess of the Night,
brings the stars every night,
and leaves a trail of stardust behind her,
then sends her dragons out to collect the stars at the dawn....

Very Short Story! lol