Oct 2010

How to Make a Chocolate Milkshake

Just thought I would spend the time to give you and easy as pie recipe

(but not too healthy) for....

--Drumrole Please!!!!--

Chocolate Milkshakes!!!

You will need...

Cadbury Hot Chocolate Mix

Some milk -- In the glass

Vanilla Ice Cream is Customary but for a

Chocoholic Fest ... Chocolate is fine...

And last but not least... A blender!!!

Take three scoops of Ice cream and put it in a clean bowl.
Pour half a cup of milk into the mixture and pour it all in the blender-- might be better
to just put it in the blender from the start to avoid washing up...
Then put a quarter of a cup of Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate Mix in with the milk and Ice cream
before shutting the lid and letting it blend for 1 minute.
In the end you should end up with something like this...

You can go all out with flakes, whipped cream, chocolate fudge sauce,

brownies and more...

WARNING: Don’t eat too many <3

That was Chanya Pepper playing Martha Stewart-- Never will happen again xD




we missed

my one

year blog


Mia Farrow

Mia Farrow

A Diva of the 20th Century

Mia was born February 9th 1945, her father was John Farrow and her mother was Maureen O’Sulivan. She had 6 brothers and sisters which made all of them quite the big family.
Most of her childhood she was in Beverly Hills (California) but made her film debut in 1947 with her mother... It was a film about famous mothers and their (adorable) children.
She tried to be Liesl in the sound of music but didn’t get the role... she ended up getting supporting roles in a few 1960’s films...
Her career really hit it off when she landed a part in Peyton Place as a naive, waif like Alison MacKenszie. She later abandoned the role because of the ‘urging’ of her first husband
Frank Sinatra,
She got her first starring role in
Rosemary’s baby. This role got many awards including ‘New star of the year’- actress...


After Rosemary’s Baby she was cast to Mattie in
True Grit, After that she exploded in the film world and was the lead in many of the classics of today.


Mia became a huge supporter of activism with UNICEF (my fav charity) and worked with her son
Ronan Farrow supporting and bringing awareness to the masses of this big and bold matter...


Even today Mia works with UNICEF to promote this honorable charity and to help children all over the world <3


Here are some of Mia Farrow’s films:

Rosemary’s Baby
See No Evil
The Great Gatsby
Death on the Nile
The Last Unicorn
The Purple Rose of Cairo
Hannah and Her Sisters
Crimes and Misdemeanors
Forget Me Never

Mia Farrow has made a lot more films than this, and good ones too, but this is a start....

X-mas coming!...

Hi my peeps

x-mas is coming and I thought I would throw one of my t-shirts
out there for you to see...
Maybe a t-shirt to support
UNICEF would be a good present for friends and family Winking

here it is


I will have the shirts available for order by 1st December. So get ready to buy your Xmas gifts from here
and the profit will go to UNICEF to help make happy christmas’s for kids less fortunate.

Let me know what size you want!!!!!!


My goal is £100 for
UNICEF this Christmas... but I will be making t-shirts year round Happy

(and in different styles)

NOTE:.... you can order any of the images Ive created and put on my website. Have a look around ^~^

Here’s one for example <3


What Makes a Successful Video Blogger

Hi My People,

So.. I was thinking the other day about... ‘what makes a successful video blogger’ so I looked at some of the You Tube legends --Shane Dawson, Charlie Is So Cool Like, and Boxxy and they all had a few things in common

1. Doing stupid things on camera
2. Being able to laugh at themselves
3. Each video blog being humorous
4. Blogging on hot teenage topics
5. Doing dangerous but stupid things lol-- bungee jumping (makes a face at the words charlie is so cool like)
6. Blogging regularly
7. Being original (You can’t copy these people-- you have to be original in your own way)
7 1/2. (being good looking helps)
8. Having a sense of Humor
9. Having a good quality image
10. Never doing the same type of blog twice

Hmmmm.... all of these things are used by video bloggers and now you might be thinking...

“wtf how am I going to do that much?” But in fact this should be easy to do if you are the video blogger type.

I’ve given you the recipe.. go make the cake






Here’s one of each of their videos <3

Boxxy-- mystery blogger (people don’t know very much about her except she was on Gaia online for a long while). Boxxy doesn’t fit a lot of the catagories for successful blogger but she did make one of the most successful videos...this is it Winking

These are Charlies Videos .... -- he’s my favorite video blogger of all time <3

Shane Dawson -- the american version of Charlie... Shane swears alot and has crude content in most of his videos... we love him tho!!!!!!!!

Word of the Day - Clockwork

Word of the Day



clock·work   [klok-wurk]

1. the mechanism of a clock
2. any mechanism similar to that of a clock.
3. like clockwork, with perfect regularity or precision: The launching of the spacecraft went off like clockwork.
4. When a person(s) all do the same thing in perfect timing.

accuracy, consistency, perfect timing, regularity, smoothness,
On time, precision, predictability, recurrence, routine, conformity, constancy

Here are some different ways to tell the time
stopwatch, timepiece, grandfather clock, wristwatch, sundial,
mechanical watch, quarts watch, Timer, pocket watch, Big Ben...

To check out more synonyms visit www.synonyms.com
get a synonyms and antonyms book and learn about words - words are cool

How to Insult without Using Swearing


Hi everyone,

I was thinking the other day how ugly and boring swearing is...

So I thought I would do a blog on insults... using no swearing... Happy


Here is a list of insults for the more modern people out there

1. OMG I just found out you’re the only surviving brain transplant donor!
2. Oxygen Thief
3. Impertinent fool -- my creation... i say it to... EVERYONE
4. You’re going to need at least three promotions to make it to idiot
5. Whatever is eating you, must be suffering horribly

I can purchase bigger boobs, regrettably you have that tiny brain for life.
"Insulting you would be insulting to insults"
8. Aww, you've got a little crush on yourself. Be careful though the guy you're in love with's a douche."
9. Man: I don’t like girls with flat chests
Girl: Too bad you are one then

and my personal favorite!!!!!!!!!!


Girl: You have a fat a$$
Me: That means I’m voluptuous baby, its a compliment!!! You on the other hand are just plain stupid, and plastic surgery can’t fix that... though
I can see you’ve tried...

Note: The word a$$ is used in the bible and, as Shakespeare argues, is not a swear and can be used as much as one likes <3

Here’s some Shakespearian Insults

1. [Thou] foul defacer of God's handiwork.
2. (not really an insult but is good when used after someone curses at you) Govern thy tongue,
3. Move your face or I’ll give you the plague -- here purely to make you laugh
4. You will die a beggar
5. Away, thou art poison to the mind (I made that up so... copy righted xD)
6. Men from children, nothing differ
7. If you were men, as men you are show, you would never use a woman so...
8. If I be waspish then beware my sting.
9. You are an insult to the most ugly of asses (Another one of mine)
10. Scurvy old filthy scurry lord.

Hmmmm... I think more insults are needed... o.e

Random insults for all occasions

1. She’s so fat she looks like a viking ship in full sail!!!
2. I’ve seen wounds better dressed then him.
3. As baffled as Adam on mothers day.
4. She’s got as much class as torn wall paper!
5. She looks like a million dollars-- all green and wrinkly
6. I always know when he’s lying, his lips move.
7. He made all his money the hoard way.
8. Hi buddy, love the shirt... what is it clearance?
9. I love that red shirt, matches your eyes.
10. I love that black shirt, matches your heart

MORE... MORE... MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
coming soon!

JD and Chanya




Hello all,

Lately I’ve been feeling very rebellious as a teenager should, and when combined with my longstanding passion for children’s rights, found myself looking up organizations that champion Children. The favourite that I came up with is UNICEF’s website. After reading just a few pages, I was overcome with an urge to blog about it.

All my life I have been very pro children’s rights, and many other things rights (women’s rights, animal rights, I can go on) But still being classified as a child (though I have the same maturity level of the average adult lol), I saw one thing to do...

Yep you heard me. I am now going to do my best to start up my online business and give all the proceeds to UNICEF -- I really don’t need the money. I have been planning my online business for quite some time. The only thing stopping me is ‘start up capital’, but Christmas is coming so....my business will soon be launched!!!

If you will be buying from my website, and therefore supporting UNICEF, I might as well tell you what it actually is...

UNICEF is the worlds leading organization focusing on children and child’s rights (I thought that that was such a good beginning line I stole it from the website.) UNICEF believes children should have good rights and not be treated like extra baggage.

Some of the children’s rights that UNICEF promotes are:

The rights for children to eat healthy nutritious food and clean drinking water
Gender Equality
The right for all children to get an good education
Child protection from violence, exploitation and abuse
Help to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS among children
Prevention of preventable diseases among children and access to Health Care
Good sanitation for children everywhere

In 2008 UNICEF raised £42.9 million for working with children all around the planet, including industrial countries where people forget how children are suffering right under our own noses.

UNICEF works all over the world to protect and promote the rights of children.

Here’s the link to their website...


I will be regularly posting about this subject from now on...

But now I must say good bye

Lots of love to my dearest fans out there <3



I have just been awarded the Silver Arts Award
by the
Arts Council and Trinity Guildhall - Yay!!!

I finished my work for the award a while back and had to
wait for a moderator to assess my work. A nail biting time.

Special thanks to Anna Aroussi and
The Exeter Phoenix
for advising me and providing the opportunity to do it Winking

(I am one of the youngest in the UK to achieve this award) Happy


Photo on 2010-10-07 at 22.43 #7

Photo on 2010-10-07 at 22.43 #6

Photo on 2010-10-07 at 22.42 #5

Photo on 2010-10-07 at 22.42 #4

Photo on 2010-10-07 at 22.42 #2

Photo on 2010-10-07 at 22.42

Photo on 2010-10-07 at 22.41 #5




Chanya Pepper Goes to London

Hi everyone,

Me with my dog looking at the river

Me and my mum went to London for a business meeting but when we got there at midday we got told the meeting was cancelled. ;(

Me and my mum :P

Cool pic of The London Eye and Big Ben

So we decided to wander around the streets of London since we were there.

One of me with The London Eye in the background

Pretty artwork

More artwork

Statue Mimes/ living statues

Charlie Chaplin mime and silver guy mime

We walked along to the river then saw ‘The London Eye.’ (the Ferris wheel)

Good view from the Bridge

We decided to walk across the bridge to have a better look. When we got there we couldn’t resist going on it and when we got the tickets we found out we got a short 4D movie with it and ended up watching that.
It was very beautiful and there were real bubbles, mist and snow mixed with the animated ones so you couldn’t tell what was real and what wasn’t.
I must say it was very nice.

For the 4D crazies out there

Here we are in the capsule

Me looking out of the capsule

Me making a funny face

After that we went to wait in the line. And were very confused about the fact that the security guard checked only two of our three bags...

Here’s some info.

The London Eye is the worlds tallest observation wheel. And you can see around you 25 miles panoramic view around London.

It takes 30 minutes to go around the whole wheel.

A photo of your capsule will be taken of you near the end of your decent of the wheel. -- £12 for two photos and £10 for one. (Not worth it)


The London Eye was made by a
husband and wife team to celebrate the millennium.

Height: 443ft
Weight: 2,100 tonnes
Speed: 0.26 m/s
Time to revolve: 30 minutes
Number of Capsules: 32
Passengers per capsule: 25
viewing distance: 40 km

Thats me videoing the area from my laptop

Cool view of the following capsule

Me again!!!


The Crazy Lady With The Garden

Hi my B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L blog readers,

Chanya here. Well, I decided to do this blog as a tribute to all the crazy gardeners out there.

I was in Branscombe the other day (Devon) the longest town in the UK.
and I happened to see this house.


I thought it was just too pretty so I decided to take some more photos from different angles.


Imagine all the time and money it takes to take care of a Garden like this.


How cutteeeee!!!!!!!


All we are missing is the garden gnomes ^~^


They look like breaths of fire.


I love crazy people with gardens-- keep it up <3

Lol, well thats your good british blog entry, savor it coz its never happening again! xD

Word of The DAY - Government


The word government is a noun
It has a few different meanings
1. Political control of the citizens of the country’s-communities-inhabitants-society’s-members
2. The person(s) in charge of a large or small place
3. Controllers, direction, management, etc. etc.
4. To govern people.


Political practice
The Feds
Uncle Sam


That was all the Antonyms Mentioned in my Dictionary....
That didn’t seem right when you have Synonyms like ‘Domination’ and ‘Supremacy’

so here are a couple more possible Antonyms a la Chanya Pepper
no global warming


Sentence Involving the Word Government:

And so Chanya said, ‘The government takes way, way more than its worth.’

‘The government is high tech because its funded by high taxes.’
I’m serious

The Importance of an Education


An Education
In the world today it is foolish to think you can get by without an education.
So few people in the scheme of things have gotten through without a very good education… e.g. Madonna, Eminem, -- singers mostly – David Pinkus, (no education in the subject he works in. etc. etc. but that’s not what I’m here to talk about).
The beauties of an education are so great that it is so worth it to work hard for a few years. And achieve the best that is your potential.
There are so many cool subjects you can study.
Drama- why not be a writer, actor or director?
English—A teacher, writer or poet
Science—A marine biologist, volcanic genius or mad scientist
Maths—Engineer, mathematicion, or theroligist
Music—composer, music tutor, or stand up singer

None of these?—You will possibly be able to work at… a fast food place, Toys R Us, and gas stations. WOW!
It might seem harsh but this is your future without an education
Do you really think that your future employers will have the imagination and insight to see what a truly amazing person you are in a five minute interview? … NO!!!! they will only see your diplomas and see if your qualifications are up to ‘their’ standards.
Besides learning is… FUN!!!! I love school, I love 98% of my teachers, I love learning!
And just there I have won half of the battle!
If you are in a public school you aren’t competing against you classmates… you’re competing against all the other schools in the world. Including private schools.
If your in private schools you’re competing against all the people in public schools, who I so kindly instructed to compete against you just now.
I might sound a little military but do you really think if you are a smart, talented, creative person with B-‘s and you go to get a job were the other person applying is daft but has A grades, you will get the job? No! They will treat you like machines. Whoever has more up to date software will be the lucky one.

The thing to remember is that it is about pursuing your interests so that you can get a job that is something that you will have fun doing. Something that you will like and be good at.
Set yourself a goal. E.g. I want to be an actor, I want to go to Oxford, I want to write a book before I’m 16 and more. Then you have to find out what you need to do to get to go where you want to go and work your way towards your goal. Remember this is YOUR goal. It isn’t about your teachers or your parents or your friends. It is all about YOU. It goes something like this: I will write 1000 words a day till I finish this book. Or I will get A+ in English, Drama, and Latin to become an actor… and I will take singing lessons after school to as one of my after school activities. Everything you do in life is an opportunity to learn. Every time I hear of something interesting i research it on the internet and at the library and in my mums books. I ask questions. I am curious. This is what I think an education is all about. Being excited to learn.
And more!

So what’s my goal? COME ON!!!! You know!!!!!! I am going to be a film director and write books and have the best blog on the planet xDDDDD Do you believe me? Answer correctly or die o.e

p.s I plan to make this into a video blog soon. So more to come..lotsa love - Chanya Pepper ^~^


Thoughts on Teenage Pregnancy

First I would like to clarify to all my annoying friends on Facebook

I’m not that bad...LOL

So why have I chosen Teenage Pregnancy as a subject for a blog? Teenage Pregnancy is a subject that is rarely talked about in ‘polite’ society - rolls eyes - but this fact is only supporting teenage pregnancy because of the simple fact that children don’t realise how easy it is for this to happen and something of this importance could change their lives forever... for the drastically worse or for the drastically better. Schools are doing their best to make children understand the importance of this but its harder to hear from somebody you don’t have a close relationship with. And if schools do tell them it is usually as brief as they can possibly make it and doesn’t go into depth on their options if this does happen. The daughters, nieces and future mothers of the world are left in the dark because it is treated as such a socially taboo subject. Here are some video blogs that I have put together on the subject. I thought it would be more fun ‘face to face’...or maybe...’bump to bump’.

In 2000, the total number of teen pregnancies in the United States was 821,810

1 in 3 teen s become pregnant before they are 20

More then 750000 teen girls become pregnant each year.

1 in 8 girls say that they wish they had waited until they were older to have sex.

As you can see this cannot be ignored. Every girl counts and we need to help support them. To imagine this doesn’t matter is a criminal act of the mind. And you should think before you disagree.

My Pregnant Experiment
I was playing mother to my little 5 year old friend Dee and put on a pillow belly. I got more than I bargained for when people thought I was ACTUALLY pregnant. Argh!! Here I relate my experience of appearing to be a pregnant teen!!!! Children - do NOT try this at home!!!

What I Think About Teenage Pregnancy

What to do if You Find Yourself Pregnant

Jacob Black Psychoanalyzed

Jacob Black Psychoanalized

Love me or DIE Bella! You choose >,,<


Most of us, (The Twilight freaks) have heard of the amazing Jacob Black, well... These are the notes of Chanya Pepperainian the famous and amazing shrink. (AKA moi)

As a young boy Jacob knew Bella Swan and thought of her as a childhood crush.
But when she returns years later he finds he has a greater attraction to her then he thought.

Not wanting to be pushy he tries to let her choose if she wants to see him.
But When Bella meets Edward she forgets about her childhood playmate and moves on to more adult content like blood and guts.

The months go by and Jacob gets on with his life hoping his infatuation would give him more notice.

As Jacob knew would happen the blood sucking villain abandons Bella, leaving but a corpse, a shadow of the girl who once was. In her need of love she searches for a friend, a companion someone to save her from herself...

When she turns to Jacob he is only to happy to help.
He falls in love with her, but she can’t move on... Not yet. Suddenly Jacob is swept away by the legends of his tribe and becomes... a werewolf!
He can’t be with Bella for fear he would hurt her but in trying to save her he hurts her even more.

Finally Bella breaks and goes on a rampage to get ‘Her Jake’ back. And in this she finds what he truly is... Being Bella she is naturally attracted to the more wilder man.
She stays by his side...

Until one sad day she finds the Cullen car and leaves Jacob in the mist... Jacob is tortured by his love for Bella and his hate for the ‘blood suckers’.

For a long time Jacob finds it very hard

He waits like a puppy for his master to return but the savage cow is only interested in looks and money. Neither of which Taylor- I mean Jake has...

To be continued...

Grown Ups


Chanya Peppers Review of ‘Grown Ups’ 2010

Adam Sandler is famous for stand up comedy and great lines -- I love him for that! and he is really one of my favorite comedians
of all time, if not my favorite! I thought the concept was sweet, there were great characters and an array of different kinds of relationships.
It was very entertaining and defiantly not a waste of an evening!
On the other hand I had a few criticisms... There wasn’t that much of a story, more just a list of spectacular jokes. -- Thats about all... Oh and one more thing. I thought the pool
scene went on for too long... <3

Now. -- Drum role please!


I give Grown Ups...



YAY ~ whooo hoo ~ WoW ~ Pow... ^~^