Mar 2010

My Name is Khan

A week ago I went to see ‘My Name is Khan’ at the cinema. Over the last couple of years I’ve been an SRK freak and it was a great surprise when my mum picked me up after school and started walking me to the cinema. We got some popcorn and I got a large coke which is my idea of a special treat, because I don’t get coke very often. We sat down and a nice woman who also loved SRK and Bollywood sat down next to me. We swapped favourite SRK movies during the intermission.

As soon as the movie started I knew it would be a good one. Shah Rukh Khan does a fantastic job portraying a man with Asperger’s Syndrome (played by SRK) who falls in love and wins his bride. Things are looking great for Khan until tragedy enters their life, he and his wife argue and Khan (here I am giving minimal information so as not to ruin the story for you) is forced to leave. Now Khan sets off on a mission to tell the president ‘My name is Khan, and I am not a terrorist.’ This movie is a must see and anyone will enjoy it.

Chanya Pepper

Here is the trailer

And here is the ‘My Name Is Khan’ Website

What's Virgin Mean? - Great Short Film

Although the name implies a 12+ video, I think this one might be a PG. xD Enjoy


Arts Award Project - Step 1

Check out the storyboard for a small film I am working on. This is one of three ideas and over the next few days I will complete storyboards for all three. Enjoy ^~^


Chanya Pepper


The Night I Died - A Supernatural Thriller in Six Parts

Short Story - Part 1 of 6

The Night I Died

I didn’t know I was going to die. I thought I would live ‘till I was eighty. At least that was the plan. But I died young… too young.
The day started like any other. I got up, got dressed, made breakfast, messed around and went to work. I worked as a waitress. It was long hours but it got the bills paid so I guess I was on track.
That night I finished my work shift at 1:00 a.m. I locked up the restraunt for John, my guardian, who owned the place and went over to the night time convenience shop around the corner to get some milk and cigarettes. I shouldn’t have been thinking about cigarettes, since I had decided to quit a week before, but now I’m kind of glad I got in a final smoke.
I was nine blocks from home so I lit up and, puffing happily, started walking. I liked my late night walk. It’s peaceful when the streets are empty and I enjoyed the cigarette mixed with the cool night air.
Out of habit the hand in my pocket fiddled with my pepper spray. My mother thought it would make me safe. I thought that it would just make an attacker really mad.
The clouds were hiding the moon and stars so it would have been pitch black if it weren’t for the occasional street lamp but the way was familiar. I’d been walking this path since I was a kid and felt safe, like this was my territory.
With six blocks to go, settled in my stride, I came along a stretch of road that dipped down with terraced houses curving to the right. The houses stood back a little from the path to leave space for bins and bikes. All the lights were out and the doorways looked gloomy and dark. I don’t know why I started to feel anxious but I swear I feel something weird moments before I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye. I thought it was a man in a doorway, but when I looked I didn’t see anything. As I walked ahead I felt another surge of anxiety and I looked back and there he was. I couldn’t make out his face, but he seemed so relaxed he didn’t feel like trouble, so I focused my eye back on the path.
Then I heard footsteps and I knew he was following me.
I broke into a run my heart thudding madly; I pulled out the pepper spray and put my finger ready to release the burning spray.
I listened to the footsteps hoping that they wouldn’t quicken.
They were right behind me.
I threw my bags behind me with as much force as I could muster and ran. I ran as fast as I could. Stupidly I didn’t look where I was going. I ran until my bones ached and I thought my heart would burst. Unable to run any longer I stumbled around a corner and stopped, trying to keep my breathing quiet as I listened for footsteps. Nothing. Filled with foreboding I carefully peered around the corner. Looking into the night I saw nothing. With a tentative rush of relief I slumped against the wall. Then I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder...