Jul 2010

Odin the Swimming Tiger

Most cats don’t like to get wet
(Trust me I know from personal experience.)
But for Odin it’s a very different case.

Ever since Odin was a little kitten he loved to swim.
It’s quite ironic come to think of it actually.

Nowadays Odin is 6 years old and enjoying his life.
He lives in Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Zoo in Vallejo, near San Francisco.
He is 10 feet long and is a first class swimmer.

This is a video about this RARE beast hope you enjoy!

...there have been none seen in the wild since 1958 (wow)

Here is a pic - but click
READ MORE down below for a photo of what Odin looked like as...a...BABY!!!


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Christine Lee - Sculptor Extraordinaire

This July I went to a private opening of Christine Lee’s Studio near Sidmouth in Devon. Christine’s studio is in a converted barn out in the countryside. Christine says that it is a great place to work in the warmer months but she doesn’t work here in the winter when the studio becomes too cold.

Christine offered Pim cocktails and Lemonade plus lots of yummy h’orderves to guests as we chatted and enjoyed her art. She had many of her works on view including large and small sculptures and many sketches and paintings. Christine Lee is a Devon based sculptor with a long history of creating figurative art. She mainly paints nudes, cats, children and dogs (from what I’ve seen). Her sculpture is varied as she makes both indoor and outdoor sculpture and large and small sizes. Here are some examples...

This piece, the Great Acorn, was in the garden outside of Christine’s studio

And this piece was on display in Christine’s workshop.

Christine Lee also had several versions of her world famous Swan Sculpture, the original of which can be seen in Stratford upon Avon. The smaller version is displayed on a marble base and great from any direction that you look at it.

For those who might not know the Swan Theatre is built next to the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-upon-Avon. The original Swan Theatre in London was one of the biggest and most distinguished theatres of its time.. Here is a sketch and also a photo of what the Swan Theatre looked like and what the RSC Swan Theatre looks like now. Stratford has a long history of friendly relations with swans. A pair of swans were given in 1867 by Rev G J Granville to the ‘corporation’ of Stratford and these and their decendents became known as the Stratford Swans. Sadly their progeny were also eaten at feasts and on special occasions. I wonder if this may have something to do with the swans in Christine’s sculpture ^~^



Here is Her Majesty the Queen inaugurating Christine Lee’s fountain in Stratford-upon-Avon. It is easy to see why Christine’s sculpture was chosen to honour the 800th Anniversary of Stratford-upon-Avon, the birth place and final resting place of Shakespeare.... ^~^


Also of special note was that the Mayor of Budleigh Salterton was at Christine’s opening with his lovely wife. He wore an extravagant necklace with the names of previous mayors engraved on it. Wish I could remember the name of that necklace....

Thanks Christine for a great time!

‘till next time

over and out from Chanya Pepper


This is a short idea I had for a script! WARNING! DO NOT TRY AT HOME KIDZ

Daughter: Mum I think I’m fat!
Mum: No darling you’re perfect
Daughter: Perfectly FAT!!!
Mum: hmmm!


Daughter: Mum? Cant I get Liposuction?
Mum: Absolutely not! not now not ever!!!!! o.e
Daughter: I’ll donate my fat to the children of Africa!!!


Men - by Chanya Pepper


We did this during a sleepover. We enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!!



Port Elliot Festival - Plymouth


Hello everyone,

I just thought I would tell you about my trip to a festival in
Plymouth Devon UK I went to today.
umm well...

The Port Elliot Festival involves lots of things arts and crafts, eco friendly tributes, food and music! It is held at a gorgeous location in the gardens of an estate. The feeling was very beautiful and festive and there was lots to do. Here was my day...

first: I got up at 7:00 and had a shower then got dressed and ate some cheerios.
Second: Then we left at 9:00 and got at the train station at 9:15 and met up with annie and lily.
Third: Got on train at 9:30 then fell asleep for much of the journey.
Fourth: Jumped out of the train at 10:15 and went to the ticket office.
Fifth: Waited for 15 minutes as Annie went call of duty and disappeared into the horizon on a
dirt bike that looked more like a tank then anything.
Sixth: Met a Poet who was really nice.
Seventh: strolled around the festival until ten to 12.
Eighth: Got a very small pizza for £6 (Och!!!)
Ninth: watched a few shows and trapped a wasp under a coffee cup because it was attacking us!
Tenth: Got ice cream and went to see our Poet perform Tea, Cat, and Mermaid.
Eleventh: went to see a fashion workshop and made some butterflies and gave my card to a famous fashion designer.
Twelfth: Went and filmed Lily’s Performance.

filming Lily’s performance ^~^

Thirteenth: Waited a little while and watched Fireflies (a rock band) sing.
Fourteenth: Went to the train station.
Fifteenth: Got on a train and laughed at the conductor.
Sixteenth: got off that train and onto another.
Seventeenth: Got off train
Eighteenth: Said our goodbyes.

I had sooooo much fun!


All in all I thought the event was well organized and in a good place.
But I must say the prices for food was outrageous!!!!!!!!!
They supplied good activities for all ages and had nice people to help in any case of emergency.
But I do wonder why the prices were so expensive for tickets...
>.<<br />
For this event I will give it a 4 star!

lots of fun!

Good work and please go next year!!!

Fate - A Very Short Story by Chanya Pepper

The nightclubs music pounded in my ears and vibrated down into my lungs. My girlfriends were off dancing with two barnes. “Where do they find these losers?”, I wondered to myself.
I asked the barkeeper for a coke and sat myself down happily.
For me it was different. I wanted to find a tall, dark and handsome guy to have my love story with...
Like I would find him tonight though... And especially not here of all places.
But as fate would have it...
" one glass of milk please!"
I turned around to face the voice that had spoken.
" who orders milk in a bar?" I asked before I had even seen who had ordered such a ridiculous drink.
He turned to me. And I was suddenly starring into the eyes of a beautiful man. I was all of a sudden embarrassed and self conscious.
He was ruddy in a way with silken hair. The lights of the disco reflected off of him in the oddest way!
I felt like I was starring too much at him so I looked away.
" I don't drink, and milk is good for the bones." he said almost amused by me.
But then the geek in me awakened.
" that's not true, the part about milk being good for you is all propaganda made up by multimillionaire dairy farmers to sell more milk. Really it just kills you."
He chuckled and took a deep sip of his milk.
I flushed red.
"whats your name then?" he asked sounding genuinely interested.
" phoenix rising." I said shyly. Not wanting to sound too embarrassed I straightened up.
" what's yours?"
He paused.
"Rowan, not as interesting as your name, I like your name."
My eyebrows went up in surprise.
" really? Everyone thinks it's cheesy usually."
" why?"
" I don't know... Something about how phoenixes are supposed to rise out of their ashes."
He chuckled again.
There was a pause as he considered what he was about to say.
" can I have your number?" he asked for the first time his confidence faltering.
" okay, here do you have a pen?" he took out a pen from his black blazer and getting ready  to write on a napkin t hat happened to be next to his drink.
" ready?" he nodded " 075555 555355... Got that?"
" yep!... Do you.. Want to dance?"
"okay, sure!"

That night rowan and phoenix danced until one.
Then they respectfully said goodnight.
The next day Rowan called and asked her out.
They went on many dates over the course of one year.
On the same night they met one year later he popped the question.
And she said yes.
They were married 9 weeks later.  

Follow Up to Eclipse Review

Hi, I just thought I would tell you that I was right. They did change Director for Eclipse! That means that
in every film they changed director!!!!
Why? I think that its because they wanted to make the films faster and for less money and no self respecting director with a reputation to protect (except a new director that will take any job he can get - lol) will work like that. So each one quit. The proof is in the increasingly lower quality of each film. I’m gonna kick the producers...

it is too bad coz i LOVE the twilight series and i wish they would do a good job making the films

Here are the directors

Twilight: Catherine Hardwicke
New Moon: Chris Weitze
Eclipse: David Slade





I am disappointed... this one was lacking in depth. Yes it had cute lines, yes Taylor was hot but we cant give the director a thumbs up when he didn’t even come up with the story!
Did they change the director and crew again or what because the style was completely different...
The color was off too.

okay, okay, i’m sorry I sound like a food critic from the 90’s...

This movie was ... okay... i will give it 3 stars.... soz!!!!

Oh and i love you TAYLOR!!!!! ( that was from every girl i know )

wolf Pictures, Images and Photos




I just saw INCEPTION last night 20th of July and decided to tell you about my amazing experience!!!

I went to Vue cinema


This film was superb! Very well done and very original. I loved it because they didn’t just launch into the major plot they took their time. It had an amazing performance from Leonardo Dicapreo (nearly faints)

They should have had more time to do the movie so that they could do more character development though...

I will give it 4 and three quarters on the star front... oh and I love you Leo!!!!!!

What is it about? Well, I will tell you. Dom Cobb is a secret agent specialized in stealing information and secrets from peoples minds while they are unconscious. He is the best of his kind and at the same time one of a kind, but this makes him a fugitive from his country and all he ever knew...
But one day Cobb is offered a job, a job that if he does successfully will win his ticket home and back into the arms of his family... In this job instead of taking secrets he must implant them. Making this the hardest game he ever played. But no amount of practice and training can prepare the team for the
mysterious enemy who knows them all too well... that only Cobb understands...

Personal Note: Hello person from Vue Cinema! I just wanted to tell you that cinema room no. 2 is like a sauna but not in a good way! Please fix it!!!!!!!

V.I.P Visit to the RAMM's Store Rooms!!!

Hello all,

I thought I would tell you about my trip to the RAMM’s store rooms!
I went with my friend Lola Phoenix, WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!!!
Shelley Tobin was our tour guide and she showed us whole rooms of shoes, hats, dresses, etc., etc.
The women’s clothes were from the 18th century to 1980’s and the men’s clothes were from the 17th century to 1980’s.
There were some really beautiful clothes with embroidery and beads and lace. A lot of work went into making some of these and they were mostly done by hand. I now know how to organize my shoe collection...

Sadly I didn’t have breakfast that morning coz I was to excited (I forgot) so I was hungry until lunch... >.<<br />
We also got to play dress up!!!! ( with the not so delicate stuff) I got to try on a corset, so did Lola. And I tried hip bustles, bum bustles , etc. , etc. It was great fun!

We stayed for HOURS!!!!!!

All of these pictures are from inside the RAMM’s Costume Store Rooms. And all of the clothes belong to the RAMM.

Here is their website if you want to contact them, organize a trip to see them, or just out of interest. (click the squiggly face below)


Thanks and Don’t forget to have a look at the pictures...



The Group Photo!!!




Can I have a pair as a souvenir? (btw, thats lola)


Admiring the finery

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Congratz on me and RAMM and my school too!

My school, with some persuasion, gave me permission to organize an assembly for the younger children at my school. This assembly was on vintage fashion. I spoke with the Shelley Tobin and the great team at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum and organized two volunteers, Ann and Rachel, to come and do a presentation on vintage fashion. I am very interested in fashion like this because it is so important in films to create the visual impression of the time and place where the story takes place. Understanding the details of vintage fashion is a part of making a movie believable and pleasing to look at. Besides....i just LOVE beautiful clothes!!!

The event at school went REALLY well and I am now the youngest child to ever organize such an event in the history of my school Winking

Rachel and Ann were awesome... they brought the most beautiful clothes, umbrellas and fashion prints to show the children and I was stunned...
there is one quote that everyone seemed to say it was...

--- Everyone

Here are some of the photos

(One of the ladies thought I was in upper sixth - he he)

o~T~o <----- if you can guess what that is you’re a genius and have won a trip to pixie land (comment with your ideas)


Me ..


some of the wonderful clothes


me before my talk


me during my talk


The children who want to be chosen


The chosen children


more chosen children xP


The after party


gimmie back that jacket, no you cant have it...


dont i look cute?


Pip pip and tally ho


The lady of the party dressed in her borrowed finery

bye for now


Woof Woof Finally Finished!

Its done! and ready to be shown to all my loverly visitors and fans!

Comment your thoughts and you could win a rainbow magic unicorn (NOT)