Feb 2010

Dil Se - Movie of the Week

I first saw this at home because it came out just before my time.
I thought it was altogether well done and I have nothing to complain about.

Dil Se... though this movie is for 15+ it is an amazing movie to watch. A story of two completely mad people of the opposite sex falling in love because of the hero’s (SRK) utter persistence. It is set in northern India when a revolution is going on between the local people and the government, and has it all war, love, violence, bombs, terrorists and more!
plus enough romance to sink the Titanic!

The hero (in Bollywood the lead man is the hero) is a reporter for all India radio who meets a
mysterious woman at a train stop and can’t stop thinking about her and, as fate would have it, bumping into her. Shahruhk gives a spectacular performance in his many original songs. And check out the gorgeous dancing. This film has some of the best songs and best dancing of any Bollywood movie I’ve seen.

It is a masterpiece that also happens to be one of director Spike Lee’s favorite films. At least one of the songs, Chiaya Chiaya (see the video above), is used as the theme song in one of his films, ‘Inside Man’.

This is one of my favorite films to watch and I try to watch it regularly and almost every night go to bed listening to one or two songs from the soundtrack.

Why? Why? - A Poem by Chanya Pepper

By Chanya Pepper

Clink! Clink!
Sounds the chain
That binds us down
To the power of our leaders.

Stomp! Stomp!
Pounds the foot
That makes the bread
For the wealthy.

Cry! Cry!
Goes the baby
Wanting it’s father
Who died in the army.

Move! Move!
Cries the soldier
Who will never see his wife again.

Goes the church
Taking more than its worth.

Why? Why?
Says I
Do they ignore the people?
And their feelings?

Sad! Sad!
Says mother earth to herself
As the sun goes down.

10 Wishes - A Poem by Chanya Pepper

By Chanya Pepper

If I could have 10 wishes
I would wish for
No poverty
No sickness
No slave labour
No pollution
No hunger
No thirst
No work
No evil
No sadness
No revenge
See what a good boy I am?

The next day the boy finds a Genie
“You have 10 wishes! Use them well”, the Genie said.
I wish for
A motorbike
That spider man action figure
An X-box
A movie theatre in my room
1,000,000 sweets
X-ray glasses
A Darth Vader sword
A remote controlled airplane
A new pair of roller skates!

“So let it be”, says the Genie.

And the boy got those things and grew out of them
And went bankrupt. Now the boy is old and you can see him,
walking on the streets, begging for money.

How To Be Ill In Style

How To Be Ill In Style

By Chanya Pepper

If your going to be ill you might as well do it in luxury and style. Don’t let yourself go and get all grungy. This is a chance to get better while feeling beautiful.

First, brush your hair (or get your mum to do it) and do your hair up in a nice pretty bun. If you have short hair just use a hair band.

Next, have a sensuous, glorious bath filled with oils and exotic smells. Soak in it with your hair up then lie on your bed afterward wrapped in towels and a warm blanket. Trust me, you will feel like a Goddess.

Now throw on a nice loose outfit so you can lounge around in grace.

Eat loads of mango and passion fruit.

Watch funny movies all day! Laurel and Hardy is a great choice.

Smile a lot, even if your throat hurts.

Have flowers around or close to you. Flowers make you feel good just looking at them and they are beautiful and often smell good too.

Snuggle up to a romance with a hot water bottle ^~^

Get lots and lots of sleep.

Don’t think your well then run around and get ill again. You will end up worse then you started.

Relax you have all the time in the world.

Don’t eat sugar or dairy. If you get a craving eat dried mango or sliced fruit.

Drink lots of water. If you don’t like water by itself then try herbal tea. If you think ‘yuck’ to herbal tea then try diluted juice. The main thing is STAY HYDRATED.

Follow my tips and you will be well in no time. Not just well, but happy!

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