Aug 2009

Tree Woman

Tree Woman
This is one of my favorite pieces I've ever done! I modeled her off a pic of me in Cambridge. There was a big church in the background!

G.I. Joe

I saw G.I. Joe last night
G.I joe was... okay, but i felt it left out soooo much character involvement. I must say I do love the actor who played Joe, but out of five stars I would give it a...
2 and a half sorry to be harsh...The romance was corny and was trying to be deep. Joe's ex was walking around in heels to high for her to walk in and i thought the voices where too quiet and the action scenes too loud! ARGHHH A MESS!



Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

I saw HPATHBP- what do you think of my abbreviation for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince?
Out of five stars I would give this movie 3 stars, because in this one they did play the romance on, but what happened to the wishing of the wands? And I felt that Ron was the only person who played his/her role to the fullest. The way he played the role of being bewitched in to being in love with the girl who sent the chocolates to Harry. Yes he was the best best part of the movie to me, and also i didn't feel a thing when Dumbledoor died.... (I cried in the book)

- Everyone I’ve asked