Apr 2010

Crop Circles

Crop Circles Joke or Contact?

Crop circles, a subject many people know about, but rarely take the time to research.

So I suppose I was so interested in it that I thought I would make your job easier by doing the research myself.

Crop Circles started happening in the 70’s....

But it wasn’t until the late 80’s that the designs became so interesting that many people noticed.

Crop circles appeared over night in the crops of British farmers.

They appear at random just before the harvesting season.

Many people thought it was aliens but there was no proof.
It could be a group of people in it for a laugh.
But wouldn’t someone blow the whistle by now?

And why is it that there are never any witnesses that see it happen?

Lets take in the possibility that this is aliens doing this.

If you take your finger and point it in any direction you are pointing it to an endless sea of life that never ends.

If you ask me “Are there Aliens out there?”

I would reply

“Of course there is! Its crazy to think there isn’t

But not that long ago there was evidential proof.


This is obviously a human face... This wasn’t in just any crops though... It was just outside the biggest telescope in the WORLD! And they didn’t see anyone there that night. No teenagers no UFO... Nothing!

A year after this almost on the same day...


This Is obviously the face of a non human extra terrestrial being.

Do you see that disk there?

That was decoded by some of the smartest men in the world.

Do you know what it said?

Beware the bearers of false
gifts and their broken promises
Much pain but still time
There is good out there
We oppose deception
Conduit closing

That scares me... ALOT

What this mean exactly nobody knows.

I guess you can interpret that however you like.

Weather its about Aliens that will bring false gifts and broken promises.
or maybe they were taking about our governments (heh heh)

But I think we all know what ‘There is good out there.’ Means.

Here’s the last bit of evidence that aliens are out there...

Years ago a scientist sent out a message with info about our race in it.

Decimal Figures= Calculation System

Dominate element= The dominant chemical substances.

DNA code and structure

Height and quantity= Human height and quantity

Inhabited planets = We live on the 3rd planet in our solar system.

And a sketch of our radio telescope

Years later after that we get a crop circle of the same type of code that we sent out.

Decimal Figures= Same calculation System as us.

Dominate element= Carbon

DNA code and structure= They have an extra string in their DNA

It shows a picture of a humanoid figure with large head in relation to its body.

Height and quantity= Are apparently 4 feet tall.

And have a population of around 21.3 billion

Inhabited planets = Inhabit the 3rd 4th and 5th planet in their solar system.

Underneath the telescope has been replaced with something more complex.

If you still think Aliens don’t exist I can’t do anything for you...

(The scary thing is I’m probably right on there... o.e)

Thank you for your time!

Oh and I would like to put in this video which you can watch if you like. But I got most of my information from it.... They explain it better.

Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo

Get a load of this - totally fantastico guitar

The Power of Punctuation

An English professor wrote the words :
"A woman without her man is nothing"  on the chalkboard and asked his students to punctuate it correctly.

All of the males in the class wrote: "A woman, without her man, is nothing."
All the females in the class wrote: "A woman: without her, man is nothing."

Punctuation is powerful.


Cosplay Girls... Fashionista or Tart?

The Cosplay Girls


Ideas on The Cosplay Girls by Chanya Pepper

Many people share the obsession of dressing up and taking photos of themselves, often basing their outfits on a certain character they saw in a comic, anime or manga. There is an ongoing debate on whether these girls are artists or tarts...

Today I’m here to share a small gallery of these girls and my amazing opinion...and maybe a few psychological views!

In order to truly understand Cosplay you must be a girl. As a little girl you have a fantasy. A fantasy to be a princess, a fairy, an angel, a mermaid, and a damsel. As you get older you try to suffocate that urge and eventually it shrinks... smaller and smaller in the mind...until you hardly think about it anymore.

Some cultures promote the princess, fairy, angel, mermaid damsel.... phenomenon. And this is the Japanese culture. A mystical culture were men can wear pink without getting teased and girls can live in the luxurious fantasy called cosplay.

These girls aren’t tarts. They are simply girls dressing in the way they wanted to since they were small children; it’s a love of luxury, if anything. It’s a freedom of fashion and they are attacked for it online.

Some of their stuff can get pretty...ummm...French. But that doesn’t mean they are thinking what you are thinking about that.

They are some of the most creative people in the world and most of them make their own costumes. Many of the Cosplay girls spend all the money they earn on wigs, contact lenses, and fabric.

Not to mention cameras....

I hope I have helped you understand the cosplay girls more....

Do have a look through the Gallery.

Yours truly

Chanya Pepper




Looks like a Vampire hunter/ school girl


Pretty n’ P!NK


Tecno Hacker


Emo wif P!nk


School girl heart


Smexi spaceship attendant on the vampire country flight in the fifth element


River Woman






Emo Cuteness


We are like... um what’s that word? oh yea cool


Final Fantasy


I’ve been collecting hair things since I was two Happy It’s a hobbie!


Angel in... Corset?


Lets pretend we don’t know they are taking a picture of us.


Sunshine Lolipops n’ Rainbowz


Wickedly cool witch of Japan


And then there were three....


Dear lord send me £10000000000000


Gossip of the Frilly’s


Love, Angel, Music, Baby and.... Oh yes Gwen


I think I need some eye lash curlers....


Aren’t we just the cutest tourist magnets?

a href="http://www.glitter-graphics.com">

Mummy? I want this one!

These are my favourite dolls in the WORLD!!!

They are completely unique and artistic. Each one is a masterpiece... Really worth getting (hint hint mum)
By the way I like the Lily doll <3


Heres a little taste!









In The Mood for a GREAT Pirate Movie?

Are you in the mood for battles, romance, sword fights, swashbuckling adventure? Oh....and parrots? Well. Here is a great link to find just the right movie for you. IT CONTAINS A LIST OF EVERY PIRATE EVER MOVIE MADE!!!! MWA HA HA HA !!!!



The Future of Digital Imagery - WoW to the Power of 10,000

Blaise Aguera y Arcas is a software architect who has created some of the most amazing software for digital imagery. You have to see it to believe it. He patches together tons of images scooped off the web to create 3D images that will totally amaze you. Check it out!

The first demo is in 2007 and the second one is in 2010

Blaise works for Microsoft.

Find these and other GREAT interviews, presentations and mini docs at www.ted.com - a great source to broaden your horizons and to be introduced to interesting people and the work that they do.

The Night I Died Pt 2 - A Supernatural Thriller is Six Parts

The Night I Died

Then I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder.
My head swung around to see nothing. It must have been my imagination. But when I turned my head back...
He was there. Even though there was hardly any moon in the sky I could still see his icy skin. Pure white almost snow...
But that was nothing compared to his black eyes. They looked horrible, pure undiluted horror and evil in them.
I reached for my pepper spray in my pocket, not letting my eyes stray from his eyes. A smile curled around his face that made me want to cry. He held up the pepper spay then threw it down on the ground. It rolled into the shadows...
My hope failed. I wanted to get up and run but my legs weren’t working. I pushed myself and got a stagger as I got up as fast as I could but as quick as lightning his hand was around my ankle and was pulling on me I fell to the ground and he was on me smiling like a mad man.
He opened hit mouth to reveal sharp and pointed teeth. His hand was wrapped around my neck.
“Vampire?...” I managed to ask in disbelief
“Yes...” He said, as he leaned down to my neck,
There was a sharp pain then warmness pouring out of me, a second went by then my blood felt like it was being pulled out of me faster then it should. Very quickly everything started to get dark around me. I knew it. I was dying, I started to forget all of my life. But just then something dripped into my mouth and down my throat.
And then it was all black...

Fairy Tale Press - Rapunzel Rapunzel Let Down Your New Hair

Chanya Pepper


London Pirate Radio

Here is a great short documentary about Pirate Radio then and now. It is interesting to see the lengths that some will go to get their music heard in a land of government controlled radio. I saw it first at www.myboxfresh.com . Check them out! It is an interesting site for young people interested in current music and youth culture.

For a list of Pirate Radio stations in London


Happy Easter Everyone!!!

I hope you have/had a special Easter this year...

To me Easter is a time to celebrate!

Almost like a birthday.

Because you only get 50 to 90 of them in your life if your lucky.

This is just a little note from me, Chanya Pepper Hoping you have another 1 to 100 Easters to come...

Chanya Pepper

Happy Easter with Bing Crosby

Here’s an oldie for your Easter Pleasure ^~^ Bing Crosby singing Easter Parade from Irving Berlin’s amazing movie ‘Holiday Inn’ released in 1942, with Fred Astaire, Marjorie Reynolds, and Virginia Dale. A later version was filmed in 1954 , where Bing Crosby was singing ‘White Christmas’ again in the technicolor version of ‘White Christmas. In the 1954 remake there is less of a story but the singing is fantastic as well and actors include Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, Dean Jagger and Vera-Ellen.