Avatar 3D


But now i’ve seen it 3 times in 3D at Vue cinema, downloaded it onto my iPad and watched it loads at home.
I thought the animation was brill. And James Cameron (The director) did everything very well!

Only a few times have I seen such a masterpiece! Out of Five I give it FIVE!!!! This is a must see movie. I condemn anyone who doesn’t see it to a life time of boredom. Such romance, meaning, animation, character development, heart throb, action and FUN (he starts out as an idiot of course). She has such grace and personality I have no doubt that this will win the oscars. Shame they can’t hand out a best actress award to an animated character. Now...the strategy commences to see it again as soon as possible! And then I might just have to angle for a blueray player so that I can have Avatar as my first Blueray purchase. Yeah!

p.s. I got to keep the 3D glasses heh heh

Avatar-so cool